Monday, December 7, 2009

The Third (And Last) Top Ten Searches Of 2009

Tired of reading about the top ten searches of 2009 for the various search engines? I'm kind of tired of writing about them, really. But I find it interesting that the Yahoo! and Google searches differ in the ways of social networking (Google) popularity versus geeky and/or redneck entertainment (Yahoo!) popularity, the top ten Bing searches are neither of those. In fact, the Bing searches almost make you wonder if Bing folks are actually searching for information on something of either newsworthiness or substance. Granted, most things on the Internet barely qualify for either of those, if at all. I'll give you that. But Bing searchers weren't just interested in hotties and Facebook. In fact, Facebook didn't even make the top ten over yonder at Bing. Guess those folks, unlike the Turkish Internet users, can figure out how to log in to Facebook without having to go through a search engine. Congrats.

Number Ten on Bing this past year was for Jaycee Dugard who was kidnapped in 1991 when she was 11 and was found living in what was basically a prison camp in the backyard of the scumbag and the scumbag's wife who kidnapped her. A fascinating story, really. Of course, not to Google or Yahoo! searchers, but fascinating none the less.

Billy Mays here for the Number Nine most popular search on Bing! Yeah, ol' Billy Mays, the pitchman for OxiClean, Mighty Putty and a host of other infomercial-tastic products could also have been the pitchman for "You'll Be Dead If You Have Heart Problems And Insist On Doing Cocaine".

Bing searchers can't stay completely away from the tabloids and that's why Jon and Kate Gosselin came in at Number Eight. I'd like to know exactly what the searches were for in regards to Jon and Kate. I'm guessing things like "Jon Gosselin is a douche" and "Jon Gosselin sex tape" were probably more frequented than they were not.

Cash for Clunkers earned the Number Seven slot. Apparently Bing searchers were less interested in Megan Fox's arse and more interested in how they could get around $4,000 of their car purchased subsidized by the rest of us. Let's see if "Unsustainable Taxpayer Subsidized Programs" makes their Top Ten, shall we?

I was glad to see Patrick Swayze make Number Six. Not so glad that he made one of the top ten searches because he was dead, but glad that he made it at all. He seemed like he was a really good guy and it's unfortunate that folks don't seem to realize that about people until after they're dead. What say we try seeing the good in people and letting them know about it while they're still around to give an S about it, eh?

Farrah Fawcett came in at Number Five and that's really a huge injustice. I mean, come on! She had to die on the same damn day as Jacko? What are the odds of that happening? She didn't get nearly the public mourning attention that she deserved. She was Farrah Fawcett for cryin' out loud! I'll bet you that most people will see her name on this list (provided they're not too busy searching for "Brittney Spears naked") and think "Oh, yeah, that's right." You only get one chance in this world to croak it and Michael Jackson steals your thunder. Hope it's going better for her now, that's for sure.

Stock Market took the Number Four position while Swine Flu took third. Considering all of the swines that are running around on Wall Street, it's not really surprising that these two ended up so close together, but it is rather ironic.

And effin' Twitter came in at Number Two. See? NO ONE knows what in the heck Twitter is! Still! Look for it to come in at roughly the same degree of search-i-ness next year, as we're still not going to know what it is or what it's good for. (In case you're still wondering what Twitter is, it's the Internet platform for people to display their vanity to the rest of the world that they think cares about their every move. We don't, by the way. We wish they'd stop with the tweeting already.)
And of course poor ol', dead Jacko comes in at Number One again. Who would be someone who could croak tomorrow that would get the kind of searches that Jacko got? I'm drawing a blank. Oh, President Barry. If he were to choke on a chicken bone or something and kick it, the Internets would freaking explode. Let's hope that doesn't happen. President Joe Biden isn't something I'm OK with just so I can see what would happen to the Internets.

I find the difference in the types of searches between Google, Yahoo! and Bing to be telling. I think that it tells me that there's something out there for everyone and they're going to look around until they find what's right for them. Can each one of those search engines do anything differently in order to tap the other one's market? I would imagine that they could (hell, those Google boys can do darn near anything), but I couldn't even fathom a guess as to how. How do you draw a certain group of people to your search engine, for cryin' out loud? I have no idea, but that's why I am the Internet user and they are the Internet makers. Good job, guys! Carry on!

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Leona said...

I do find the differences fascinating. However, I'd like to comment here that twitte is fun. Oh I kicked and screamed and protested but I was forced to have a twitter account for marketing purposes. Then I rebelled by only using it once in awhile. Now I use it almost daily. It's fun for networking. I find it more useful than the blogging for getting up-to-date info and finding out what's going on in the publishing world (I'm a writer :)

It's also allowed me to keep up with my sister's shenannigans (is that how you spell it?) which would otherwise be impossible as we both have young children (mine is a special needs child) and our schedule sdo not mesh.

You might try it sometime and look at it as a way to only follow those you do care about. Really, there's no point if you follow joe-shmoe when you don't give s*** about him. Follow those who give you info you want (like news people) and network where you want to go (I'm a writer so publishers and other writers at top of my list)! You might surprise yourself.

PS It took me six months to see the real value LOL

Mare said...

I have a Twitter account. My Twitter feed appears in the right hand column of my blog. I still find it fairly annoying. Actually, I find those that tweet their entire life story to be annoying. And those who have a product or are in a certain niche of information that I may be interested in do not seem to be able to control themselves and their tweets, thus I spend an inordinate amount of time sifting through stuff to get to anything that I find mildly entertaining.

I understand (I suppose) the attraction to it as a means of keeping in touch with others, but I thought that was what I had stupid Facebook and text messaging for. (I probably shouldn't call Facebook 'stupid'. I'm rather enjoying it these days, to no greater shock to no one other than myself.)

I follow ONE Twitterer religiously. That would be shitmydadsays over yonder at Twitter. That guy sends out a tweet maybe once every three days. But even though it's infrequent (which is absolutely a requirement for me) he has also managed to make nearly EVERY tweet something that is highly entertaining for me. He's funny. Well, his Dad is funny. He's not trying to be funny, he just IS funny. THAT is something I can get behind.

I'm going to have to start thinking of Twitter as some sort of sociological experiment in order for me to pay more attention to it. Yeah, that's probably what I should do. Study human beings and figure out how much I don't want to be around them. That sounds helpful for my disposition.

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it!

~ Mare