Monday, August 31, 2009

Silver and Gold...Silver and Gold...

Find your niche in life and go with it. That's a pretty simple motto to live by and it really enables one to find success through what it is that they can actually do. However, that should probably be edited just to clarify that one's niche should be something legal, something that won't harm themselves or others and shouldn't be something that leaves gold or silver spray paint all over your face. Behold!
Oh, what the hell is that? Meet a one Patrick Tribett. Mr. Tribett apparently hails from West Virginia and his niche in life appears to be huffing spray paint. It would seem that gold and silver spray paints are his metallic colors of choice because according to one psychologist, a one David Blum, "... gold or silver paints have a higher concentration of toluene, a chemical that produces a high." Huh. Who knew? Well, who else besides Mr. Tribett? Seriously. And what the hell is toluene, you ask? According to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), it's basically a paint thinner like chemical with "a slightly sweeter aroma, similar to that of benzene." A slightly sweeter aroma? Who wrote up the MSDS on toluene anyway? Some glue sniffing sommelier?

But I digress. That's not a good look for anyone, really. It looks like he just got finished blowing C-3PO. But here's the thing: That's not a recent photo of Mr. Tribett. No, that's from 2005. And the only reason that I'd be showing you a mugshot from 2005 would be if it happened again. Behold!

Good Lord. What is wrong with this guy? According to WTOV-9 News over there in West Virginia, all of Mr. Tribett's arrests sounds about the same. When police finally make contact with the man, they always report that "...he was having a hard time walking, seemed intoxicated and had gold paint all over his face." Every. Time.

You'd think that after the first time, the guy would get a clue, right? But to be arrested twice, that makes it fairly clear that he has some sort of problem, doesn't it? BOTH times with gold paint all over his chin? (Again, appearing as if he had been engaged in some sort of untoward activity with a particular Star Wars droid.) Perhaps. Especially considering that the photo above isn't a current mugshot either. No, that one was taken in 2007. Behold!

Again, the story, very familiar, just with different dates and the ending is also familiar by concluding with Mr. Tribett being "...charged with public intoxication....after police said he was staggering on Market Street near 15th Street." Again, with his face and clothes covered in gold paint. One of his arrest reports is below if you'd like to view said aerosol asshattery.

I'm not sure how one huffs spray paint. I mean, with other inhalants, I suppose you just cram the thing (which is NOT intended to get you high) real close to your schnozz there and inhale. Wow. I'm sure you look super cool doing that, too! So with this arrest, one could assume that the trifecta is complete, in which case, one would be wrong. Behold!

Looks like he switched over to silver paint for that one. Is that like starting to drink decaf? So now we're witnessing the fruits of the labor of Mr. Tribett's fourth arrest for the exact same crime...inhaling spray paint and then staggering about town looking as if he's just cheated on C-3PO by blowing the Tin Man. Why can't he just inhale the paint and stagger about his own backyard or his own hallway or something? Why do the streets of town always have to be involved? (Don't get me wrong. I'm loving the mugshot goodness that comes out of this. I'm just curious is all.)

The shot above came within a week of the one before that one! Who keeps selling this guy paint?! It's not like the whole world hasn't seen the photos of this Golden Warrior by now! Don't sell him anymore paint! Make him get it off of the paint black market or something. The Underground Paint Railroad. I don't care, just don't sell it to him! I believe that the arrest for the mugshot above took place "...under the Interstate 470 bridge", which means that he's taken on the role of huffing bridge troll at this point. "Police said when they found him, Tribett looked right at them but continued huffing." Ahhh. The carefree huffing bridge troll. Regardless, it'll still get you arrested. Just like this will. Behold!

For cryin' out loud! What are we up to? FIVE? Five that we know of?? They're just getting worse, too. This last mugshot was the result of an arrest on August 29, 2009. That time, Tribett "...put up a fight during the arrest, even continuing to try and huff the white paint. Officers said they were forced to pepper spray him before they were able to take him to jail." Excellent! You want to huff something, dude? What say you huff a load of this pepper spray? Nice job, cops!
It's a good thing they didn't use the Taser on him or anything. He'd have had all of those chemicals racing through his gold-toned body. What if the electricity from the Taser caused him to burst into flames or something like that? Definitely an unfortunate scene there, for sure.

I noticed that he's using the white this time. I wonder what's up with that? Change of pace, perhaps? Or maybe he was hoping that no one would recognize him without his traditional and preferred spray paint of choice, the gold or the silver.

According to that one psychologist guy, that David Blum, all of this huffing "...can also cause permanent damage and what he called "sudden sniffing death." The permanent damage part is fairly easy to spot. I'm having a hard time believing that this "sudden sniffing death" is something that happens frequently or often. If Mr. Tribett is any indicator, it doesn't happen at all! Blum also mentioned that huffing is "...something that kids experiment with and, if they're not properly educated on the dangers of abusing chemicals, it could be a problem that follows them into adulthood." You think?

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King of New York Hacks said...

I can not believe there are no comments on this. LMAO !! This guy should have his own show , give him a new color every day !!! Sad..but hysterical !

Rae Macklyn said...

THIS is goddamn insane...I found my way here after checking out a particularly godawful photo on the People of Walmart site and then doing a yahoo search on "paint huffing". Just thought I'd let you know how I ended up in your neck of the cyberverse. ;-)

Mare said...

Sad. Hysterical. G-D insane. All most excellent ways to describe the undescribable and the inexplicable.
Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it!

Oh, and yes, the People of Walmart site is something to behold, is it not? It won't be long before a picture of someone shopping with silver and gold paint on their face pops up there. Nope, not long at all. Unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Now he's clean an sober for several weeks. And he's got a lawyer suing people who have been photoshopping his mug shots for satirical effect and or snarky humor. FYI

Do a GIS image search on his name for examples.

Mare said...


It's true. He's been clean and sober for several weeks. And good for him! Good Lord, an existence like the one he had been living would seem to be quite miserable.

And while he has retained/paired up with a lawyer and will be suing, he is not suing those who were simply "photoshopping his mug shots for satirical effect and or snarky humor". Rather, he is suing those who put his image on coffee mugs, T-shirts, etc., and profited off of them (think Cafe Press endeavors).

And actually, I find that it could make for a rather interesting lawsuit. I kind of can't say that I blame the guy if other people are profiting off of his image. But this sort of a lawsuit has an interesting twist to it, that being if a mugshot is public information, does the person whose face is in the mugshot have any legal rights to their image if the mugshot is public information? Those rights may have been forfeited due to their arrest. But I really don't know. I'm not a lawyer, I don't play one on TV and I didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Thanks for the heads up, Anonymous. Granted, it was only partially accurate, but that's why fact-checking is important, kids!

~ Mare