Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fake Tributes Benefiting Non-Existent Foundations

It would seem as though Jermaine Jackson has appointed himself to be the family heir. Not to Michael, but to Joseph, the Jackson's sleazy, greedy father and self-admitted beater of his children during their childhood.

Joseph Jackson, as you may or may not recall, made it very clear shortly after Michael Jackson's death that he would attempt to profit as much as he could and as soon as he could from the death of his son. I believe it was on the red carpet at the BET awards show when he was asked how his wife and other children were doing and if he wanted to make a statement. His reply? "They are all doing fine. : But I want to make this statement. This is a real good statement here. Marshall and I have -- we own a record company...called Ranch Records…It’s driven by Blu-ray technology, and that’s the next step.” Um, yeah, see, the question was more about how you were doing dealing with the death of your son THE DAY BEFORE. It's...um...odd that he would have interpreted that question to mean "Take this opportunity to promote anything you might be working on at the moment, you 80-plus year old, coattail riding, gravy train hopping, sleaze monger, you." But miscommunications DO occur. Onward!

Stepping onto the gravy train and taking the reins would be Jermaine Jackson. Now, I don't know a whole lot about Jermaine, nor do I know if there is a whole lot TO know. And I didn't do a ton of research on the guy, but I did manage to read about his marital history and the number of children he has spawned. That whole chapter told me just about what I needed to know about Jermaine. Let's see if you come to the same conclusions: The guy got married in 1973 to Hazel Gordy (daughter of Berry Gordy) and they had two children, Jermaine Jr. in 1977 and Autumn Jackson in 1978. Somewhere during the marriage, Jermaine found himself and his penis straying from his wife and allegedly ended up impregnating someone else and allegedly producing a daughter, Dawn. For some reason, Hazel stayed with Jerk-maine. Too bad Jerk-maine didn't learn from the learn from the lessons of his wayward sex organ, as he hooked up a one Margaret Maldonado whilst still married to Hazel. Do you see where this is going?

Jerk-maine ended up what? Impregnating Margaret, that is correct. Margaret gave birth to his son Jeremy in 1986. Two illegitimate children outside the confines of her marriage was enough for Hazel and she divorced Jerk-maine. I don't know if she knew that she was pregnant at the time, but she was. And she wasn't the only one. That's correct. Jermaine's wife AND girlfriend were BOTH pregnant at the SAME TIME. Stay classy, Jermaine! So then Hazel gives birth the Jaimy. Then Margaret gives birth to Jourdyn. Whew! Time for a breather.

But not a long one! (Oh, I'm FAR from done!) Margaret and Jermaine never got married (not that it would have mattered if they HAD, apparently) and they split after about 5-6 years. After that was over, Jerk-maine did just what you'd expect him to do and married his brother Randy Jackson’s ex-wife Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza a couple of years after the split from baby factory number three. That union produced son Jaffar Jackson and another son Jermajesty sometime before they split in 2004. (By the way, Alejandra was married to another guy at the time that she married Jerk-maine. So technically, when she married Jerk-maine, she really didn't because she was already married.) His current wife is a one Halima Rashid whom he married in 2004. NOW I'm done.

Wait. One more thing. Jermajesty???

Clearly, he's not the most moral chap I've ever heard of. He also doesn't seem to have any money. So he's a broke, amoral dude whose brother just died. I mean, whose brother, who has the potential to make him millions if he just whores himself plays his cards right, just died. And he is going to ride this gravy train with biscuits for wheels straight to hell (if we're lucky). Jermaine is planning an "international tribute" to his late brother. And by "international" I mean that it's going to be held in Vienna because, of course, Michael Jackson "loved castles." Um, wait. What now?

That's right. He "loved castles". So they have to have it in Vienna? The location of the motherlode of all castles? What? There's castles in America! We have, um, Hearst! Hearst Castle! And White Castle! Geez! There's castles! Perhaps Jermaine has a bit of that 'extravagant' and 'eccentric' gene that Michael seemed to have an abundance of. Whatever it is, it's going to be in Vienna on September 26.

Now, you can't plan a tribute concert like this all by yourself. You need help. You need seasoned professionals who are good at this thing and who know what to do. That means, if you're Jermaine Jackson, you need Shawn Southwick. I said, you need Shawn Southwick. You know. SHAWN! SOUTHWICK! The wife of almost-octogenarian Larry King! Behold!

Good Lord, how did THESE two ever team up? According to the NY Post, they've known each other "for quite a while" and were going to "...sing their duet, "Will You Be There," and release a CD from the event." That according to Ms. Southwick's spokesman, Howard Rubenstein. Um, OK. Tell me, Sir Spokeshole, that CD that they wanted to release? The Jermaine Jackson-Shawn Southwick duet CD? Yeah, that one. WHO is that FOR? WHO do they think is actually going to BUY that? What type of person is clamoring for that CD? I realize that they're probably a perfect match - a money grabbing wife of a barely coherent 75-year old talk show host and a money grabbing brother of a deceased pop star, but that still doesn't explain how that pairing is going to sell CDs.

And here's where it starts to get sleazy. Er. Sleazy-er. Sleazier. According to the same said spokeshole, Howard Rubenstein, "...listed President Obama as "confirmed talent" as well as Al Pacino, Colin Powell and Richard Branson." Wait. Barack Obama, Al Pacino, Colin Powell and Richard Branson? Together at last?! Finally! Hold it!!

President Barry is "confirmed talent"? Exactly what "talent" would he be displaying that would cause it to be "confirmed"? I am unaware of any "talent", confirmed or unconfirmed, that President Barry possesses and is willing to share with the world from a stage in Vienna at a concert for Michael Jackson being staged by Shawn Southwick. That just doesn't sound like the US President that I am aware of. And as for the other three, I'll give them credit for being diverse. No credit for being realistic or logical, but diverse. They would have been more believable if their "confirmed talent" consisted of Bubbles the Chimp and Muscles the Boa Constrictor. THAT I would have believed. (It's wacky enough and it's in that same Jacko realm that we were all so familiar with before he croaked.)

Other "confirmed performers" include Usher, Lionel Richie and Whitney Houston, again according to spokeshole Howard Rubenstein. And the World Awards producer, a one Georg Kindel, "...hinted that Madonna would perform." Wow. Won't that be tricky for her to do in the midst of her "Sticky and Sweet" tour? Of course it would be! And her spokeswoman, a one Liz Rosenberg seemed to back up that notion by stating, "It's not true. She's still on tour." And Howard might want to get together with Whitney's spokeswoman and soon! That's because a one Jill Fritzo, aforementioned spokeswoman said, "Not that I am aware of." when asked to confirm the now betoothed Houston as a performer. The White House also issued a similar denial of President Barry's attendance.

So this is all crap, right? Jermaine has NO performers, does he? Yet the spokeshole for Shawn Southwick is going around spouting that President Barry will headline the "confirmed talent". Oh, wait a second. This is becoming more and more clear to me. Again, according to the
NY Post, "The original promotional materials, which sought sponsors willing to pay up to $3 million..." EACH?? That's optimistic if I've ever heard optimism before. Wow. Sooooo they're definitely interested in money. And a lot of it.

Upon checking out the
tribute website, I learned that "A SUBSTANTIAL PORTION OF THE PROCEEDS attained by The Tribute will be donated to important charities." Allegedly. The first three charities that Jermaine announced included Larry Jones’ Feed The Children, The Larry King Cardiac Foundation, and "Jermaine's own EARTH CARE FOUNDATION." Wait. What?

That's right. Suddenly, the multi-child-ed, broke, hadn't been seen in public since 2004, brother of Michael Jackson has a foundation. Allegedly. A little checking on this one seems to confirm that while there IS an Earth Care Foundation (really it's
Earth Care International), they have absolutely nothing to do with Jermaine Jackson. Nothing. And apparently, in the past, as recently as 2006, he has claimed that he founded something called Earth Vision International. Again, there IS an Earth Vision International, but it's a film festival taking place in Santa Cruz, CA every year. It is NOT a Jermaine Jackson foundation. In fact, it would appear that there are NO Jermaine Jackson foundations to be found.

I feel pretty comfortable in saying that I think that Jermaine Jackson is full of crap. He's using dead Michael to drum up money for alive Jermaine. And he is shameless about it. And apparently, there is no limit to how far he is willing to go with his scams. He involved Shawn Southwick, for cryin' out loud! Need I say more?!

I kid. The man seems to be milking his brother's death for every penny he can squeeze out of it. Can anyone just SAY that they have a "foundation" even if they don't? Isn't there a penalty for that? Shouldn't you have to show or have documentation of your alleged "foundation" before putting it on your marquee as a benefactor for some grand money generating endeavor? But then again, I don't know what good that would be in this situation if he's throwing the fake tribute concert in Vienna, the land for those who loved castles. (Translation: Far enough away from the US that he might be able to get away with his fake foundation benefit scheme.)

Man, where is Michael Jackson's shady doctor at a time like this when he could really be of some use?

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Anonymous said...

This is awful. I can see why Michael left his entire estate to everyone else BUT them. It breaks my heart knowing that his some of his nuclear family members are trying to do nothing more than to make a quick off of him.

I remember listening to a telephone convo where he complained about his father trying to hustle $500,000 from him. It's a real shame as well as this whole thing being a real sham too.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post!!!
My thoughts exactly.

Anonymous said...

Check out Companies House in the UK. You will find Jermaine's Earthcare International Foundation is on there - as a registered company NOT a charity.

It is also facing being struck off shortly too and has received an official warning to that effect.

Company directors listed are Jermaine, his wife Halima and a Mohammed Yahya Rashid (age 84 years old) and all three have the same LA address.

The company secretary is Sajid Varda.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I think it's as important to Michael's legacy to let the world know about the users in his family, as we do the truth about him.

You are amazing for letting the truth be known.

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to add some unkown facts. While married to Halima Rashid, Jermaine had an affair with Grace Rwaramba (Michael's children's former Nanny), and the 2 of them plotted along with the Nation of Islam to take Michael to Bahrain and to control him. Grace and Michael were not lovers, she and Jermaine were. She stole money from Michael, there's a real reason he got rid of her, there's a reason Katherine and the rest of his true family (Janet, Randy, Rebbie, and even LaToya) go rid of her.

Also missing from the post is that Jermaine is good friends with Tohme Tohme. The manager Michael fired, and was afraid of...in fact Jermaine introduced-forced- Tohme to Michael. And ever wonder why Jermaine WANTED Michael to be buried at Neverland (while even the fans knew Michael would hate that?) because Tohme is connected to the individuals who have a share of Neverland. That's right, Jermaine would have made money if Neverland was turned into a theme park What else, the day of Michael's funeral, Jermaine contacted his former manager in order to re-start his career: http://www.lvrj.com/news/57220427.html

Jermaine should not be trusted. At least Joe has the excuse of senility (about his record label promotion) and his old school views (about the abuse) as an excuse, what's Jermaine's excuse. FYI, Margaret, Jermaine's ex, stated in her book that Jermaine used to take her children to another room and beat them with belts. No wonder he defended Joseph for the beatings. He practices the same ideals. She also said at one point during her relationship with Jermaine, Jermaine and Joseph were sharing the same woman.

In regards to Michael, Margaret states in her book that Jermaine got Michael to sign the Jackson Family Honors contract (which he previously indicated he did not want to participate in) when he was hospitalized and being treated for exhaustion (he was so tired he had to be fed through an IV), before Jermaine went to Michael, Katherine begged Jermaine to leave Michael alone. She also indicated that before his Michael-diss song, Word to the Badd, in which he ridicules Michael's vitiligo and cosmetic procedures, Jermaine had gotten his face re-done. Additionally, before, during and after the production and release of the song, guess who was paying all of Jermaines bills (house, utility and grocery bills)? If you guessed Michael Jackson, you are correct. After Jermaine and Margaret split up, guess who called to check on their children? Well, Jermaine didn't, not even on their Birthdays, but Michael checked up on his nephews. She said (I'm quoting her book directly) "the only male Jackson I trust completely is Michael."

Jermaine is NOT to be trusted.

Cookie said...

Not to mention Michael paid for Jermaine's children's education because Jermaine was a deadbeat dad. And Jermaine continues to live at Hayvenhurst to this day, living off mommy dearest, who is living off Michael.

And why on earth would Michael want the profits to go to Larry King's foundations for old geezers? It's children he cared about. But oh I forgot, this is not about Michael, is it?