Saturday, April 21, 2012

Does This Change Anyone's Mind?

Guess what?! A new picture of George Zimmerman has been released (for some reason). Now, you might remember (or you might not because you might have blocked it all out of your mind because you just couldn't stand to hear about a bunch of speculation over and over and over again) George Zimmerman is the guy who shot Trayvon Martin about a month ago. If you don't know what I'm talking about, might I suggest you volunteer to be on this man's jury. They're looking for people like you. When the video of George being taken into the police station surfaced, I heard way more than my share of "He looks fine to me" and "I thought that he was in a fight". Too rarely did I hear "He could have been cleaned up by the paramedics" and "That video is so blurry that it might as well have been shot with a potato". Anyway, here's the new picture. Behold!

Well, how 'bout that? Looks like the back of his head was bloody because he had been injured. Just like he had said that it was. Just like the police report said that it was. And I'm not saying that this means anything one way or the other. But it does mean that something happened out there before everything got kind of shooty. I'm not saying that I know what happened (and neither do you, by the way). There are only two people who know exactly what happened and one of them is dead. If I hadn't gotten so sick of hearing this story misreported and misrepresented ad nauseum, I might be interested in what people who were so quick to jump to a conclusion had to say about this. (I'm sure they're already got their conspiracy theories a-brewin'.) What I'd like to know is why this information is just trickling out? Or actually, why it's coming out at all? But considering how irresponsible the media has been up to this point, I see no reason to expect them to handle all of this any differently.

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MommaLion4 said...

Still doesn't change my mind, we don't know if trayvon was first trying to defend himself..and tiny cuts on a head look worse than they are, saw my son get hit with a bat ity bity cut massive blood, did need stitches. Self defense easy to rule in a home, not so easy to rule on a street...will be an interesting trial.

Mare said...

Hey, MommaLion4.

See, this is why I like you. You're one of the rare reasonable ones in regard to this case. There's stuff we don't know. That's been my whole point when I hear people screaming like unstable banshees that George Zimmerman needs to be in prison and is a murderer. Yes, he killed Trayvon, but that's never been in question. But a murderer? Like you said, it will be an interesting trial.

Thanks for reading!

~ Mary