Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not So Peaceful There, Ron

Do you remember Ron Artest? He's the guy who was on the Indiana Pacers back in 2004 and started a huge brawl at an NBA game by jumping into the stands and grabbing a spectator and punching him because he thought the fan had thrown something at him. Even if you don't remember hearing about that, I'm sure that just my brief description gives you a pretty good idea of what a class act he is. (By the way, he ended up getting himself suspended for an entire year with that display of lunacy. Seems like he got off a little easy if you're asking me. I don't like to go to NBA games where I have to worry about whether or not one of the players is going to snap off and attack a fan and incite a mini riot inside of an arena. It's not South American soccer!)

Last year, Mr. Artest changed his name. And he didn't change it to Bill or Fred or anything even remotely resembling a name. Yeah, he changed it to Metta World Peace. See, that's not really a name. It's words, but not so much words that would make up the name of a person. But it does sound peaceful. It has the word "peace" right there. Metta World Peace. OK, I'm just never going to get used to that. And I'm not so sure that anyone else should get all that used to it either. They certainly shouldn't be expecting him to actually be peaceful, for cryin' out loud.

The other night, the LA Lakers (who Metta World Peace Artest plays for) were playing against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Artest makes a dunk and then to celebrate, he full force elbows a one James Harden right in the face. Real peaceful! Now, Artest (I'm not calling him anything with the word "peace" in it if he's going to be acting like that) tried to argue his case to the referee that he was just "celebrating" the dunk that he just made. The problem with that excuse is that after he lays out James Harden, he just goes on like nothing ever happened. Harden is on the floor, writhing in pain from just being elbowed in the head. Artest doesn't do anything other than walk away. Doesn't go check on him. Nothing. Just starts to whine to the ref when it becomes obvious that he's about the be ejected.

If someone is going to call themselves something as stupid as Metta World Peace, I guess I shouldn't really expect that person to behave in any sort of manner other than one filled with that same stupidity. And I guess that same stupidity is maybe why it never crossed Ron Artest's mind to check on the guy that he just leveled to the floor with an elbow to the head? I don't know what this guy's problem is, but I think he might be just a little too violent for the NBA. Maybe he should try hockey. They love to beat the crap out of each other. It sounds right up his alley. The video of this horror is below. Someone needs to elbow him in the head, preferably with a hammer. (I know that doesn't really make sense, but I really want someone to hit him in the head!)

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