Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How Could They Not Know?

This, my equally cynical friends, this is why we're doomed! What we have here is a bunch of tweets, compiled off of the Twitter, from several different individuals who have one thing in common. ALL of these folks did NOT know that the Titanic was a REAL BOAT! How, how, how is that possible? At the end of the movie, they showed pictures of the Titanic on the ocean floor! These doofuses (or is it doofi?) didn't catch on?! On top of that, it's been ten years since we were forced to endure this sappy movie with a horrible ending. (The worst part? At the end when Jack is in the water and Rose is on that door and she says "I'll never let go." It wasn't thirty seconds and you know what she did? She let go! He didn't have much of a chance to begin with, but that was just rude. She JUST said it!) You mean to tell me that in those TEN years, these folks never got wind of the Titanic being an actual boat that actually sank and actually caused the horrific deaths of over a thousand people? NEVER?! I don't understand. And neither do these people. Behold. Sadly, sadly, behold.

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