Sunday, July 12, 2009

Your 15 Minutes Are Up, Levi

Why won't Levi Johnston go away?

Why am I still hearing not only about this jackass, but more annoying, hearing FROM him? He's an 19-year old high school dropout who knocked up his girlfriend and wouldn't "grow up" to face his responsibilities as a parent and as a person. He's now working construction somewhere in Alaska (which is not far enough away, if you're asking me). Sounds like just the kind of person that I want to get my information from. Sounds credible, intelligent, honest, sincere. Sure, Levi Johnston sounds like all of those things. (He also sounds like he might have been smoking some of the stuff his mom was arrested for selling also.)

Seriously, is there ANY reason why I should EVER have to read a sentence that begins like the following(this particular one cited from The Sleuth by a one Mary Ann Akers at The Washington Post): "Johnston, the 19-year-old father of Palin's grandson and ex-fiance of the governor's daughter Bristol, said at a news conference Thursday...."

"At a news conference"?? WHY in the name of ALL that is SANE would LEVI JOHNSTON be able to hold a news conference and have people (presumably reporters) SHOW UP to LISTEN TO HIM?? WHY?!?! There is not ONE rational explanation for it. Not one!

The purpose of Einstein's soap box moment was to give his "insight" as to why Sarah Palin is stepping down as Governor of Alaska. The press coverage on this seems to indicate that she has been rather vague about the exact reasons for doing so. Sure, it's a strange move, but I don't know that her reasons can't be surmised from what she has said about doing so. Remember, when you're a politician, anything you say can and will be used against you in the press. She learned that the hard way. (There's a reason why she likes Alaska. My guess would be it's far away from the rest of the country. In the United States, but not of it. That's how I look at it.)

Here's the "inside scoop" from the oh-so insightful Levi Johnston: "She had talked about how nice it would be to take some of this money people had been offering us and you know just run with it, say 'forget everything else.' " Um, wait. What now?

Are you kidding me? He says that she said something to that effect (we can't really believe that what he said was directly quoting what she said verbatim) and.....what? OH, right! The false implications! The conclusions that Levi Johnston came to! That's right! He concluded that "....he personally had heard Palin discuss the possibility of leaving her state behind to go capitalize off her quick rise to fame." OK, he's done. Someone get him off of that box and ship him back to the wilderness.

He claims that she said that this past winter, sometime between December and January, which would make it after the election. At that point, she's getting plenty of offers (I'm assuming) and at the same time, she's being hounded by the press and by various political outlets and trying to run a state and deal with all of that. (And among the myriad of "issues" that she was dealing with, she was still hearing about the damn wardrobe that the GOP had purchased for her during the campaign. My God, can you people not let anything GO?!) Yes, I TOO would think AND say "Man, I wish I could just have all of the money that I'm being offered without having to deal with all of these idiots around me." HOW is that NOT a reasonable thing to say??

Levi Johnston needs to pipe down. We will, unfortunately, be hearing more from him in the future because he has (wait for it) a BOOK DEAL. He's going to write a freaking book. One with words, NOT pictures! Who's the co-author? Joe the Plumber? I have them at about the same level as far as the book writing skills would go. The boy hasn't even graduated from high school. What say he READ a few books before he goes out and starts writing them, OK?

Are you wondering what the book will be about or are you just wondering how soon it will come out because the sooner it does then the sooner we can stop hearing from this guy (hopefully) once and for all? In another example of how the media will run with anything that anyone says about whatever, we have the New York Post quoting Levi Johnston's bodyguard/publicist (When did those two occupations become something that you could combine?), a one Tank (That's the combination bodyguard-slash-publicist's name. Tank. Perfect.) as having said that the book will be about the "...Wasilla, Alaska political family." Yeah, because the guy who got some girl pregnant is the perfect person to write an entire book about the girl's family. The ins. The outs. (Oh, wait. Never mind. That would be his book on how he got her pregnant. My mistake.) And if that's not enough for you, don't worry because according to Tank, "There are still many untold stories about the Palins." Yes, I'm sure there are many untold stories...that no one wants to hear about! Make it stop...

By the way, I have the feeling that people like Levi Johnston and Joe the Plumber who get these 'book deals' do about as much actual "writing" of the book as I'm going to do "reading" of the book. That is to say "very little". It would seem that all of the book writing, the press conferences, the talking, my GOD, the talking! All of that seems to be Levi's way of doing exactly what he claims Sarah Palin is doing: capitalizing off his quick rise to "fame". The thing that he doesn't quite seem to understand is that the reason that he was ever in the news in the first place was because his girlfriend's mother was the Vice Presidential candidate for the Republican party. That's it. Without that, he's really got nothing. Even with that, he's really got nothing. And we didn't care about him when Sarah Palin was John McCain's running mate and we don't care about him now. So stop going to his "news conferences"!

Go write that book, Levi. Get a nice price for it. The mother of your child is going to need some of that money to raise your son without you.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Okay everyone leave Levi alone. He's standing alone with the "family of Palins". She is so very vicious and cruel. This woman attacks like Doberman I haven't ever seen a person that can be as cruel as her.
Let Levi have his say, we give him credit. He hasn't really said anything that was cruel about Sarah. Cool it Sarah. he has a book coming out soon. Who knows what we will be reading.So try being kind even if it's difficult.
"Joe the Plummer" have you finished high school? Have you finished the course towards your license? Are you a plummer yet?
So just show some kindness to Levi. People might do the same for you.
Good luck to both of you boys.