Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You Are Here. Now Call 911

Speaking of liars, a lot of stuff coming out about the whole Michael Jackson death is proving to be false. About the only thing that seems to be for certain is that he's dead. Oh, and that his Dad is an A-hole. Other than those two things, it's hard to tell what's true and what isn't. But it's not hard to tell when something doesn't make sense. That doctor that was there when Michael stopped breathing? Yeah, he's not making a whole lot of sense.

I'm referring to a one Dr. Conrad Murray. He was the guy who was there when Michael stopped breathing. For some reason (and I'm thinking it's a reason other than the one that he's giving) it took the guy almost 25-30 minutes to call 911. Why so long? According to ABC News, Dr. Murray said that "...none of the phones in the home (were) working "for privacy reasons" and he "...tried to dial 911 on his cell phone but did not have the exact address of Jackson's home." Um, what?

None of the phones worked? What? I suppose that would be fairly easy to ascertain as to whether or not it's true, thus it would be one of the stupidest lies that someone could come up with if they were actually lying (which I'm not saying that he is) about something like that.

But the 911 thing? Now that I have a problem with. According to a one Matt Alford, an attorney who is representing Dr. Murray, as quoted by the Associated Press, " He didn't know where he was, didn't know the physical address. There was no land line, no phone in Jackson's room that would have allowed him to call. It was all happening so fast." Wait. What now?

How did you get yourself to work every day, sir? Hadn't you been working for him for a while? At least a month, if I recall other reports correctly. You didn't know where you were driving yourself to every day? I know that he drove himself there because the LAPD towed his car the evening of Michael's death. How could you not know the address?

The article also cites Mr. Alford as saying that "doesn't know how long Murray performed CPR on the singer before rushing downstairs to find someone to call 911."

I'm really not trying to second guess the guy in this situation. After all, he allegedly just found Michael Jackson not breathing. Sounds stressful. But why wouldn't you yell for someone? Why would you leave him there to go and find someone? THAT I don't get.

"The first person Murray encountered was the chef, who then got one of Jackson's security guards. The security guard went with Murray to Jackson's room."

So....wait. He goes wherever in the house and finds the chef. Rather than having the chef call 911 or telling the chef to get someone to help him up in the room or asking the chef what the address is, he hangs out or whatever until the chef shows up with a security guard and THEN he goes back to the room? Why did he wait? If the chef was going to get someone else, why didn't he go back up to the room and resume doing CPR? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Again, I realize it's a stressful situation, but this guy is a cardiologist. You'd think that they'd be able to handle some stress.

According to Dr. Murray and his attorney, Dr. Murray was performing CPR on Michael and had the security guard call 911. WHY he wouldn't have called 911 AS he was running around to find someone so that they could tell him the address is beyond me. Even if I'm going to believe his story of he didn't know the address (and I don't think I'm believing that at all right now) why he wouldn't have called 911 as soon as possible from his cell phone and handed it to the chef or the security guard when he got there doesn't make any sense. It seems like a lot of time was wasted with this guy doing whatever it was that he was doing.

When you listen to the 911 tapes, the 911 operator asks the person who called (presumably the security guard) where Jackson is and the security guard tells him that he's on the bed. CPR is supposed to be performed on a solid surface. That's why at that point the 911 operator instructs the guy to get Jackson (whom he didn't know was Michael Jackson at that moment) on the floor. Why wouldn't a cardiologist already have him on the floor? If he was doing CPR for whatever amount of time it was (before he decided he should find someone to tell him the freaking address or the house he drove himself to that day,) why in the world was he doing it with him still on the bed? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Although, if the doctor had something to do with why it was that Michael stopped breathing in the first place, then his behavior seems a bit more understandable. Again, pure speculation, but if someone were to administer a medication to someone else and that other person suddenly stopped breathing, your first instinct, depending on how big of an a-hole you were, might be to run around and get rid of anything that could possibly connect you with being partly responsible for the other person's death, should it come to that. That sort of situation might cause one to forget how to do CPR procedures correctly. Perhaps it could even cause one to forget the address of where they had gone to work that morning. Who knows?

While I can understand all of the people that are saying that Michael Jackson wasn't hooked on prescription drugs or painkillers, it seems highly unlikely that they're telling the truth. Go back to 1993 when Michael cut a tour short and announced that he was going to go into "treatment" somewhere for an addiction to painkillers. You never heard a word about it after that, though he did disappear from public view for about a month (even though treatment was supposed to take about 8 weeks). That was in 1993. Fast forward to 2005 where court documents detailing his financial situation for some court case he was involved in give an example of some of his bills: "...a charge of $62,600 from the Mickey Fine Pharmacy, in Beverly Hills". That covered the two prior years worth of prescriptions filled. Then fast forward to 2007 where Jackson is sued by that very same pharmacy because they claimed that he had made his last payment to them in mid-2005 for prescriptions filled over last two years. In 2007, that lawsuit claimed he was once again behind and that he owed them $101,926.66 for prescriptions filled. So the difference between the amount of prescriptions filled between 2003-2005 and 2005-2007 was around 61%. From $62,600 to $101,926.66. That doesn't sound like someone without some sort of a dependency on something.

I don't know what went on there that afternoon, but I do know if the doctor's story is that he didn't call 911 right away because he "didn't know where he was" that it raises more questions that it answers. (One of those questions being how in the world someone so dense was able to become a doctor in the first place?) If the toxicology reports come back and there isn't anything abnormal in Michael's system, I will be shocked. (Who are two of his closest friends? Liza Minnelli and Liz Taylor. They've been known to overindulge in the feel good substances from time to time. Like 1968-2004.) My bets are on at least three different narcotics. Oh, I totally hope that isn't the case, but it's not looking like it is. Not from present behavior and not from past lawsuits.

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