Monday, June 13, 2011

How My Brain Works

I write these things the night before. Religiously, I might add. And while I don't ever "forget", I do sometimes put it off for quite a while. And sometimes, when it's getting close to my needing to come up with something to churn out, I kind of panic. There are times when I think that I have plenty of time and then I get distracted by something. (Did you know that you can watch every episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle on Hulu for FREE?!) And that's when I come to my senses and realize that I've really gotta start crackin' on something. I'm not going to lie. I panic. And it takes me awhile to recover. The extremely brief video below is the best way of explaining what I go through when I'm in this position. And since I am determined not to write about Anthony Weiner's weiner again, I am posting that video. Hopefully, there will be something decent for me to write about tomorrow so I don't have to post vivid descriptions of how my mind works under pressure.

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