Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boring Predictions From 1910

Currently, I am in possession of a laptop that is not my regular computer. Unfortunately, this laptop does not seem to have an overly functional spacebar. And it's making me crazy. The backspace key is getting quite the workout. Therefore, I'm going to attempt to save my sanity and cut this short today. Below are some drawings that are allegedly from the year 1910 and they depict what the world in the year 2000 was imagined it would be like. I must say, they weren't very creative back then. It's a wonder we've progressed as far as we have, really. I mean, if that's what ninety years of progress looked like to them at the time, could you imagine how blown away they'd be with all of the stuff that has actually been accomplished and invented?! Don't get me wrong. I'm pretty sure that people are dooming themselves as a species these days. But at least we won't be going down in a boring fashion. (Click on the image below to make it bigger. (That's what she said.) And if I knew who to credit for these designs, I would absolutely do so. But I really have no idea who drew them, nor where they first appeared. If you happen to know, please relay that information to me so that I can give appropriate credit and not appear like some thieving Internet plagiarist. I've been called a lot of things, and most of them were probably pretty accurate. But one thing that I am not is a thief and/or a plagiarist. Even I have standards.)

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Anonymous said...

These are from a series of French postcards from 1899. They're in a book called "Futuredays" by Isaac Asimov. They predicted air warfare, fast food, etc. fairly accurately. They're not boring, they describe a future based on the context of the present. If you tried to predict what would happen in the next 100 years you'd be no more or less accurate.