Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Almost Everyone, So Fix It!

I ran across a fascinating Gallup poll the other day. Why more politicians aren't talking about this poll is beyond me. Why more regular people aren't talking about this poll is also beyond me. Even if you disregard the poll topic, the sheer fact that almost EVERYONE in the poll agreed on one thing is astonishing. You can't get almost everyone to agree on anything. Why isn't that news? Because the media sucks, that's why. I mean, based on the results of this poll, certain things should be reported in completely different ways. But alas, they are not. I can only assume it is because they're morons.

Here's the question: "How important is it to you that the government take steps this year to deal with controlling U.S. borders to halt flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S." Your choices are: Extremely important, very important, moderately important or not that important. To me, extremely and very are pretty close in meaning. I wish they'd go with things like Super-Duper vs. Very or something like that. I am pleased to not see "hella important" as a choice, however. Ready for how people answered? The result will shock you. (No, they won't. They won't shock anyone who is intellectually honest AND who has a pulse. It has to be two out of two or else it doesn't count.)

"53% say the need for government action this year to halt the flow of illegal immigrants at the borders is "extremely important". Huh. Over half. Not much over half, but over half none the less. That's something. But wait! There's more! Those who thought that it was "very important" (which, essentially, sounds pretty much the same) totaled 29 percent. Huh. 29 percent. That's almost a third. But there's still more! Those who thought that it was "moderately important"? That would be 12 percent. Only seven percent said that it is "not that important". There's no telling what's wrong with those seven percent.

But back to the other percentages. So, with 59 percent in the "extremely important" camp, 29 percent are going with "very important" (both of which sound awfully similar, probably because they are) and another 12 percent bringing up the still important category of "moderately important". I'll do the math for you and tell you that adds up to a whopping ninety three percent. You do realize that's damn near everyone, don't you? Yeah, it is.

Ninety three percent think that it is some degree of important to stop the flow of illegal immigrants at the border. Ninety three percent! You can't get ninety three percent of people to agree on anything. I think that even the percentage people dislike syphilis only clocks in at only ninety percent. This is ninety three! It blows syphilis out of the water. (Which might be how they got that in the first place.)

So if almost everyone feels this way, why is there so much tip-toeing around it in the media? Why are these permanent visitors to our fine land referred to as "immigrants" or "undocumented workers" or other pansy ass terms that leave out the term "illegal"? Seriously, the next person who says to me that a person can't be illegal? Yeah, they're going to get stabbed. The next person who says to me that we're all immigrants or that we're a nation of immigrants? Yeah, that's a stabbin', too. Clearly, by the results of this poll, we are all perfectly OK with calling this what it is AND, more importantly, with some politician standing up and saying something and doing something about it! What are they afraid of? With ninety three percent of people behind the idea, it's not like it's going to be a political downfall to endorse something like this!

Then again, maybe it will be. I have to hand it to that seven percent with their head up their arse. For only being seven percent, they sure have been able to manipulate the media into only covering their point of view and also getting the media to portray this issue from their angle of "it's not important". I mean, if you're part of the 93 percent (and if you're reading this blog, I have no reason to believe that you would not be), are you going to be entirely comfortable using the terminology "illegal alien" (which is the correct term, by the way) or "illegal immigrant" or simply just "illegal"? Heck no, you're not. That's because the only point of view that seems to get any (hot) air time is that of the seven percent. And they try to make their point by calling the other ninety three percent racist if they bring it up. It's ridiculous.

Now that we know that ninety three percent of Americans think that something needs to be done about this ridiculous illegal flow of people largely from a specific foreign land, I wonder how long it will be before a politician grows a pair big enough to do something about it. Even if they just mentioned this poll and put their support behind the issue of trying to do something about illegal immigration, that would be good enough for me. (Yes, I intentionally set the bar quite low in instances like these. I'm tired of being disappointed by setting a reasonable bar.) But considering that the results of this poll were released six days ago and I haven't heard word one about it, I'm not holding my breath.

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