Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Joe Jackson - Child Abusing Leech

There has to be an island out there for a certain segment of society. I envision it being inhabited by the likes of Jon Gosselin, Michael Lohan, Chris Brown, Jermaine Jackson and other loathsome individuals of the same bent. And by all means, leave room for Joe Jackson.

Joseph Jackson is the despicable human being who is Michael Jackson's father. Before going any further, let's just remember and keep in perspective that Joe Jackson is a child abuser. He beat Michael when he was growing up when he wasn't doing dance steps or singing correctly. He constantly ridiculed him about his nose and his acne. He was a child abuser. Is it any wonder that Jacko ended up being the oddity that he was? Probably not. So just remember: Joe Jackson = child abuser. Clear? Good.

When Jacko died from an unfortunate combination of the equivalent of elephant tranquilizers and an incompetent, unethical and amoral physician, his total net worth was unclear. What was clear, especially to Child Abuser Joe Jackson, was that Jacko had amassed an insane amount of money (which will happen when you have the number one selling album of all time and are the most famous pop star in the world). What was also clear to Child Abuser Joe Jackson was that he was going to go after that money in any way that he could. And he did. And he has.
According to the LA Times, Abuser of His Own Children Joe Jackson "...wants the late singer's estate to help him cover living expenses that exceed $20,000 a month." Yeah, see, he has to petition the court for that money because Jacko left him out of his will. That's right. Left him out. Out. As in, "not in". THAT kind of "out". Funny how that works, huh? Some guy abuses you to the point where you are completely whacked out about your appearance to where you end up having your nose shaved down into two slits and a point and you leave him out of your will. Shocking, I know.

The thing that I find most appalling, aside from all of it, is that Joe Jackson has publicly admitted that he beat Michael and his brothers. Of course he didn't call it "beating" per se and he felt the need to quibble over semantics when, back in 2003, he told the BBC's Louis Theroux "I whipped him with a switch and a belt. I never beat him. You beat someone with a stick." (It's at that point that I wondered if Louis Theroux was tempted to whip out a stick and bash Joe Jackson over the head with it repeatedly and then ask, "Like that?") If that doesn't give you just a hint of an idea as to what an A-hole this guy is, then there's no helping you. Please leave now.

So the guy publicly admits to beating Michael, gets left out of Jacko's will, and then decides that for some reason, he should be entitled to some of Jacko's money. Um, you sir, are a buffoon. Joe Jackson is no more entitled to any of Michael's money than I am! The guy made a will and he left child abusin' Joe Jackson out of it. That should be the end of the story. But, as we've learned from too many instances of things like this cropping up in the news, people are awfully full of themselves these days.

I wondered what Joe Jackson, Child Abuser, was asking for in terms of money. Like how much does this man think that he is entitled to? Hold onto your butts, but according to L.A. Now, this jackass is asking for enough money " help cover living expenses that exceed $20,000 a month." I'm sorry. Twenty....twenty thousand?? Dollars?! WTF?

If we turn back to the LA Times we learn that "The filing does not specify the amount Joe Jackson seeks, but a monthly budget included in the court papers lists more than $15,000 in expenses, including $1,500 for rent, $2,500 for eating out and $5,000 for hotels and air travel." It should be noted that this jackass receives $1,700 a month from Social Security. I don't know why that should be noted, but now it is.) $2,500 for eating out?! Are you freaking kidding me? Go on. Explain to me how it is possible and/or necessary for someone to require a daily food budget which averages approximately $83 and change. What say you stick to the Dollar Menu there, Joey, and get on with yourself?

And $5,000 for hotels and air travel? It doesn't sound like he's taking Southwest! What do you want to bet that is one flight at the MOST and the rest is a swanky hotel? Bet me. Because seriously, where in the hell is this man going all of the time? Who in their right mind would want to see him?

Now, mind you, Jacko's mom, Katherine, gets a stipend from Jacko's estate of $23,000, but she was in the will. But see, that $23,000 covers herself AND Jacko's three kids. Child Abuse Joey there wants around $20 just for himself! I don't think so, Joe. I don't think so.

The thing is, when there's the extraordinary amount of money floating about like there is around Jacko's estate, people will spend money on all sorts of crap because it's not their money and there's a seemingly endless supply. That is obviously what Joe Jackson is up to. (That and he's a human leech trying to suck money out of a corpse.) If you look at just the expenses for Jacko's funeral that People Magazine details, you'll see what I'm talking about. They claim that among some of the costs "His casket cost $25,000, his burial garments came to $35,000, while $175,089 was spent on security." How in the hell could his "burial garments" cost $35k? Did the man not own enough of his own clothes that he could be buried in for free? OH, wait. If they buried him in some of his own clothes, then that particular outfit would not have been able to be sold at a later date in order to line the pockets of some greedy family members, right? I'll bet you I'm close!
They also detail out that they spent "$3,682 for framing of a photograph of Jackson next to his casket, $1,975 for wardrobe costs for the family, $11,716 for invitations/programs, $16,000 for flowers, $30,000 for additional cars and security." Almost FOUR grand to frame a photo?! Spare me. And almost TWO grand for wardrobe for the family?! How is that? I've been to a number of funerals in my time, a fair amount for family members, and I was never provided with a wardrobe! And you're telling me no one in the Jackson family had anything to wear to a funeral?! I think they did! (Besides, if we're talking "family" like Joe Jackson, Child Abuser, was part of, then that would be five brothers, three sisters, two parents, and his three children. That's 13 people. $151 each? For what? Sparkly gloves?)

What have we learned here? Nothing we didn't already know. Joe Jackson, Child Abuser, is also a leech. It just occurred to me that he didn't seem to have a favorable review of the "This Is It" movie. I guess that means that he won't be sharing in any of the profits of that either. Shouldn't have beat your boy, Joe. Should not have beat your boy.

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