Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Olympics Fashion Recap

The Winter Olympics are currently underway in Vancouver. I like the Olympics. I didn't think that there'd be much to mock. But then I saw some of their uniforms. (That's also how I knew that there really was a God.)
I enjoy that all of the folks on the Estonia team are sporting the furry white hats with ear flaps. I'm told that a hat with flaps is a necessity in the wintertime. Granted, I'm being told that by someone who lives in Santa Cruz, but she might be right, judging from the look of the Estonian athletes there.

The folks from Finland are sporting a look that sort of makes me feel like I need to adjust the horizontal hold on my TV. Or the vertical. Hard to say with that squiggly pattern going all over the place like that. Hard to say.

For some reason, Germany apparently decided to go with the age old method of color coding their athletes, using baby blue for the men and some sort of a pink for the women. I thought we only did that with babies?

The folks from India have a different sense of style when it comes to celebratory events. Either that or they sent the janitors to march in place of the athletes. What's with the gray, India? The people of your country have beautiful, multi-colored saris and wraps and you come out looking like department of sanitation workers. What's up with that?

Then we have the folks from over in Montenegro. Um, so this one band camp.... Seriously, shouldn't one of them have a tuba and another one have some sort of a baton?

The Bermudans have a very small team. Maybe that is why they decided to wear very small pants. While I can appreciate the wearing of the shorts for which their country was named (or perhaps it was the other way around), aren't they a little chilly? It's the winter Olympics. Here's to hoping that they wear something a bit more substantial when they're actually competing.

But here's where things start to get interesting. We have the athletes from Azerbaijan wearing their jammie pants. Behold!

And then we have the athletes from the Czech Republic wearing their jammie pants and their jammie poofy jackets. Behold!

Finally, here were the Norwegians during the opening ceremony.

Pretty normal, right? Seemingly harmless, correct? That's what I thought. Until I saw their curling team. Behold!

Apparently, the Norwegian curling team consists of very talented clowns...and their pants! Are they serious?! What the what is up with those pants? Not only are they far from stylish, they're certainly not very athletic looking and they're definitely not very Olympic-y. Entertaining? Yes? Clown-like? Definitely.

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grannyann said...

I really like everyones outfits. They are so colorful and fun for a change.

Mare said...

It's definitely different. I was disappointed by India's drab gray jumpsuits. They wear beautiful clothing, yet they opted for the gray. Odd.