Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some Apology

And the Tiger Woods apology has happened! It was pretty much like I expected it would be. (Did I call it that there would be a podium in front of a curtain or what?!) The man yammered on for about 12 minutes. That is, if you can call talking in a robotic voice and reading from a script "yammering".
Naturally, there were several things about this that bothered me. Bothered. Annoyed. Tomato. Tomahto. Whatever. First of all, he wasn't taking any questions. I understand that. But I also understand that I don't like a "press conference" when the "press" can't actually do what their name implies, namely "press" the individual to elaborate. Well, according to the folks over at the PGA Tour commissioner, a one Tim Finchem said that Tiger "...had interacted with reporters some 1,100 times during his pro golf career. When Tiger is ready to return to golf, he will return to the habit of talking with journalists." Um, yeah. That's not the same as talking to journalists who want to know more about your duping the public into believing that you were some squeaky clean family guy who could do no wrong. If you're not going to be taking any questions, then why have the reporters there in the first place? The whole thing was streamed live to the world as it was. It's not like the reporters were getting anything that we, the gawking public, were not.
That leads into my second annoyance with this process. Why did all major networks break into this event and use their "something terrible has happened" voice as if this was a serious matter? Sure, we're interested. I won't deny that. But did they really need to use the "Breaking News" screen and act as if we're all waiting for President Barry to step out and announce that we just annihilated Iran? I don't think we need to do that for a scumbag golfer who cheated on his wife with every cocktail waitress within arms length. (I'm assuming it was arms length. It could have been something else.)
Third, I can't stand things that are scripted. I mean, really scripted. Not only was he reading from two separate sheets of paper, he was moving his hand down the paper as he talked, presumedly as to not lose his place. I don't know that it takes two pages of fluff to say "I'm a dirtbag and I'm sorry I got caught."
I don't think that he was sincere. He was way too robotic and he used way too many scripted phrases that are supposed to indicate being sorry. If he had stood up there and just said, "I suck", that would have been better. The video is below. Judge for yourself.

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