Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympics Bingo

Time for the Olympics in Vancouver! I guess we're supposed to be excited whenever the Olympics roll around, but it's unclear as to why that is. Granted, I find the Winter Olympics more entertaining that I do the Summer Olympics because there's more danger involved. I find that observing sports involving danger is much more satisfying than observing sports which have very little chance for injury of any sort. What's the worst thing that's going to happen at the Summer Olympics? Someone gets some over-chlorinated pool water in their goggles? Ooohhh!

While the Winter Olympics themselves come with plenty of thrills and excitement, the opening ceremony does not. That's why I've concocted Opening Ceremony Bingo! Every time one of the items on the card below occurs during the opening ceremony, you can mark that spot off. Five in a row wins whatever it is that you want yourself to win. (I take a very DIY approach to these sorts of things.) If you'd like to play it as a drinking game instead and just take a drink every time one of those events occurs, that's fine too. It's a very versatile activity!

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