Thursday, January 24, 2013

And So, What's Wrong With Her?

So get this.  We hear these stories from time to time.  A 15-year old kid kills his entire family.  It's gruesome and disgusting.  Do I need to go into more detail?  I don't think that I do.  It's pretty much just what it sounds like.  And of course, right now there are plenty of people all a-clammoring over what his motivation was.  (That is interspersed with other family members insisting that he was a "good kid".  Yeah, no he wasn't.  I'm going to base this solely on the fact that he gunned down both of his parents and three siblings (as if I'd have anything else to base it on), but that alone constitutes him not being a good kid.  Just saying.)  But I'd like to take a moment to look at another aspect of this story that, for some reason, seems to be getting no attention. 

According to the article over at the Huffington Post, the kid (who I am not going to name for the same reasons that I don't name any of the lunatics that do the mass shootings) apparently took a picture of his dead mother (dead because he had just killed her) and texted it to his girlfriend.  As if that isn't crazy enough, he then went over to the girlfriend's house and spent the day with her and her mother.  Wait a minute.  What now? 

While it is one sort of crazy to gun down your entire family when you are 15, it is an entirely different sort of crazy to be a teenager (or around that age) and have someone text you a picture of their dead mother and you don't do anything about it and instead choose to spend the entire day with that person and not mention to, say, your mother that the kid that's hanging around with them just killed at least one person!  What kind of a person is this girl?!  Good Lord.  How is that even possible?  I can't say for sure what my reaction would be if someone I really liked texted me a picture of their dead mother, but I am fairly certain that it would not include doing nothing!  How does one do nothing and just go about the day like it's no big deal?!  

I don't know that the girl needs to be necessarily charged with a bunch of stuff, but I'm thinking that something is probably appropriate.  You kinda gotta know that if someone texts you a picture of a dead person, you need to say something to someone lest you face some sort of a consequence.  It's odd how people pick and choose what parts of what story they want to focus on.  This is a huge thing in my mind, but I don't see it much in the reports about this incident, so I guess I'm the only one.  What a surprise. 

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No, Mare, make it two. Love your blog, hope you keep writing!