Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Today Show Excuses, Please

If you have a friend or a family member who commits a heinous crime (I mean, if they're accused of allegedly committing a heinous crime) do you know what your role is in the whole ordeal when the media comes calling for your take on the matter? Let me give you a hint. It's the same as it is even if the media doesn't come calling for what you have to say on the matter. That's right. You just pipe down and say nothing at all. And if you have to say anything, you sure as hell had better not say anything in defense of the person who has allegedly committed the act in question. We don't want to hear that.

Case in point would be that of a one Wayne Treacy, a 15-year old in Deerfield Beach, Florida who has been accused (mainly because he did it) of putting on a pair of steel-toed boots, texting at least one friend that he was going to kill 15-year old Josie Ratley, bicycling three miles from his Pompano Beach home to the middle school, asking a 13-year-old friend to point Ratley out to him, and attacking Ratley at a school bus stop after she allegedly sent him a text message that made fun of his brother's death. This according to the one
Sun-Sentinel. That's pretty harsh.

15-year old Josie Ratley managed to survive the attack, but the term "survive" might just be relative to the situation. As you can imagine, she's not exactly in the best of shape right now. She's in a medically induced coma and has had part of her skull removed to deal with the swelling in her brain. (And when there's the ol' brain swell, you know that the likely outcome is going to be anything but swell.) So, this must have seemed like an opportune moment for the family of a-hole Wayne to go on the Today show and give a half-ass apology interspersed with rationale for why he did what he did. Yeah, don't do that.

Apparently, a one Donna Powers, the a-hole's mother, offered up to Josie's mother/family, "I know the pain you're going through." Say what? You know the pain that the kid's mom is going through? I'm sorry, ma'am, but has your child been savagely attacked and beaten senseless by one of his peers? No? Then I don't think you should be offering up the notion that you DO know what that's like. I'm guessing you have NO clue as to what it's like. I'm guessing that anyone who has not had their child almost beaten to death by another child also doesn't know what she's going through. Why would you say that? That's just idiotic.

The a-hole's stepfather, a one Carey Smith, was also on the Today show and said that the a-hole"....would like to apologize to Josie and her family. He's real remorseful about it." Really? Remorseful? He's 15-years old and sitting in a cell at juvenile hall because he nearly killed a girl by kicking her in the head with his steel toed boots. And he's "remorseful"? What is that supposed to mean, exactly, sir? I mean, according to the folks over there at
True Crime Report after a teacher pulled the a-hole off of Josie, he managed to shoot off a text to a friend of his that said "Hey, I think I'm going to prison, I think I just killed someone." Huh. I guess the remorse hadn't set in just then, eh? Yeah, probably not.

Smith went on to pretty much justify the a-hole's behavior by saying, "He had a lot on his plate for a 15-year-old. How would you like to be 15 and find your only brother hanging from a tree?" See, apparently, a-hole's brother had killed himself by hanging himself about a year ago. And allegedly what set off this whole thing was some sort of text message from Josie to the a-hole in regard to his brother's death. Sure. That's a reasonable response. Hey, a-hole's stepfather! Were you getting your stepson any sort of help for all of that stuff that he had on his plate? No? OK, then. Good parenting. Anything else?

Of course there was something else. "According to Powers, the beating was out of character for her son, who she believes snapped during the argument." So, let me get this straight. Your son doesn't make it a habit of hunting people down and kicking them in the head with his steel toed boots? That's NOT normal for him? Oh, OK. That makes sense then. Wait. NO! It doesn't! She also said, "That's not Wayne's nature. He's not a bully." Yeah, see, no one said anything about being a bully. What we're talking about is being an a-hole. And bully or not, it doesn't matter at this point. What's done was done by your son and there really isn't anything that you can say or should say that would justify it or explain it because it is, in just about every sense, completely inexplicable that someone would do this.

Smith added that "...his stepson is a "good kid" and a "normal 15-year-old boy" who is "well liked in the neighborhood" and had never lashed out at anybody before the beating." Yeah, see, you're wrong, sir. Your stepson is obviously not a good kid. He is obviously not a normal 15-year old boy. And you have a lot of audacity to even suggest such a thing. What is wrong with you? Plenty, I gather.

If your kid does something like this, it's really best if you just keep your ass off of the Today show. If your kid does something like this, it's really best if you just say nothing. But in the case where you feel compelled to say something, what say you don't make excuses for your kid, OK? What say you just apologize profusely and then slink away? But really, we'd all appreciate it if you'd just pipe down and not go on national television offering half-ass apologies for the actions of your offspring, OK? OK, then.

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Scott Jacobs said...

"well liked in the neighborhood" and had never lashed out at anybody before the beating."

And Ted Bundy was well liked in their community. Your point, sir?

Edge said...

While I do agree that this guy needs some serious mental help and should have the book thrown at him, I am also interested in the contents of the text message that was allegedly sent by the victim to him in regards to his dead brother and specifically what it said in full.

The media only gives us one side of the coin and is always quick to angel-ize the victim. Not all victims are innocent and some do provide provocation to their attackers.

The other side is what we are to find out for ourselves. Of course, the media will probably ignore this part of the testimony as it is not cute, it is not white, and it is not a relatively hot teenage female.

Sadly though, it is one thing: the truth.

Mare said...

Exactly, Scott. Bundy was a very likable fellow. Several women found him very charming.

And Edge, I, too, am interested in what the text message that was sent said in full. But I know this: Whatever it said will never even come close to justifying what the kid did.

While not all victims may be innocent in these things, the ONLY thing that makes them a victim is the unwillingness of the attackers to control themselves. Please don't tell me that you're one of those people who think that some women deserved to have been raped because of what they were wearing, etc.

So while I would find it interesting to know what set this kid off, I really don't care, as it doesn't matter because there is nothing that she could have said that would have justified his reaction. NOTHING. And what I really care about at this moment is whether or not that girl will ever have a normal life again. If she continues to have a life, that is.

Thanks for reading.

~ Mare

Anonymous said...

Now the girl knows not to be talking smack about personal issues to other people. She will think twice about texting such evil messages about dead relatives. I do agree that the the accused suspect did snap in a very bad way and deserves to punished but in a wise way, through psych evals. he should be given treatment or be incarcerated. My feelings go out to both families and am sorry that now both parties are suffering.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am going to play devil's advocate here.

Obviously his retaliation never should have gone as far as it did. There is no excuse for a male to ever lay a hand a women, let alone beat her to near death. HOWEVER her actions are completely inexcusable and how dare anyone say she did not bring this on herself. SHE ENCOURAGED THIS BEHAVIOR by mocking his dead brother. That was completely heartless and a horribly stupid move to make an irrational, hormonal, hot headed teenager who found his brother hanging from a tree.

FURTHERMORE she taunted him when he threatened her, responding to said threatening text messages with things like 'you make me giggle'

so please do not make her sound like such an innocent angel of a victim. if someone taunted me after a loss of a loved one, it would take every ounce of self control not to beat them to piss as well. if she had been a better person and maybe used a BRAIN and not responded as she did to his threats, this would never have happened.

Mare said...

Hey, last two Anonymouses (Anonymii?).

First of all, I appreciate both of you presenting your argument in a civilized and thought out manner. That doesn't always happen.

I do understand where you're coming from and I agree with you that behaviors on her part were a factor in what happened. And technically and in theory, I agree with what you're saying. But I can't give the guy a pass.

If he had just punched her once in the face under the same circumstances, I probably wouldn't think twice about it. There are consequences for certain things in life. I totally agree. Should getting beaten to a pulp and damn near killed be one of those consequences? No. Never.

I wanted to point out something one of you said. You said, "if someone taunted me after a loss of a loved one, it would take every ounce of self control not to beat them to piss as well." And that's the problem. You realize that it would be enraging as hell to hear something like that (and it would be) and you would have to exercise all the self control you could (and are capable of). That's the difference between you, most people and him.

No one deserves this in retalliation simply for something that they said.

I really appreciate your comments and your reading of this blog. You're welcome here anytime. Thanks a lot!

~ Mare

Anonymous said...

Who ever wrote shouldn't say a word about it, because you're obliviously ignoring the boy's suffering. You're being completely cruel and need to shut up. I'm not justifying the attack, but you can't say anything on the matter unless you personally know the girl and the boy.

Mare said...

Hey, last Anonymous commenter.

You're coming from what is definitely an interesting place. I'M oblivious?! To the BOY'S suffering, was it? Oh, please. Silly me for being more concerned with the girl who will likely never have a normal life because of the "suffering" boy's actions.

Why is it that I need to personally know the girl and the boy in order to form an opinion on the matter? That premise escapes me and I'd love to know your rationale behind such a statement.

I'm not changing my mind. I don't care what she did. It doesn't justify being damn near killed. I'm not saying that what she did was right. I'm not saying that she shouldn't have had a consequence for what she did. I am saying that the consequence in no way should have been to be beaten within an inch of her life.

And really, my post was about how I am appalled at the boy's family members going on national TV and making excuses for their son's actions. That's completely unnecessary. I wouldn't be saying anything if those people had done what I perceive to be the more humane action by not defending their obviously guilty son on television.

Thanks for reading!

~ Mare

Anonymous said...

Why don't u find something better to do with your time other than sticking ur nose in other peoples business. I do personally know this boy and i know the whole situation. Its clear that u do not so keep ur opinions to yourself!!!!!

Mare said...

Hey, latest Anonymous.

Yay! You someone who brutally beat down another human being and left her nearly death. How exciting for you to have that sort of a connection with that sort of individual!

Since you know the whole situation, I would LOVE to hear all about it. After all, you seem to give the impression that I have this whole thing all wrong. Thus, please, PLEASE give me your perspective on the "whole situation". I'm totally serious. I would, in all honesty, love to hear what you have to say about this.

Thanks for letting me know that you know him. I will eagerly await your version of things that I know nothing about.

Thanks for reading!

~ Mary