Saturday, April 10, 2010

Something Everyone Knows About Ellen

Remember in the 80s (provided you remember the 80s) when morning TV was just chock full of game shows? All kinds of game shows. None of them particularly difficult or anything. (There certainly wasn't Jeopardy! on at 10am or anything like that.) But there were a ton of them. And there are really very few game shows on these days. The ones that are on seem to be holdovers from that era. And one of the ones that has managed to survive the test of time (not to mention several different hosts) is Family Feud.

The Family Feud concept is simple. Two teams, each composed of 5 family members, compete against each other by guessing answers to questions that were obtained by surveying 100 people. (Hence the term "Survey said!" That's usually followed by a little "DING!" or a buzzer sound. It just depends how into it you really want to get.) And not only is the concept simple, so too, are some of the contestants.

Apparently, on a recent episode of Family Feud the question was "Name something that everyone knows about Ellen DeGeneres." OK. That doesn't seem too difficult. Personally, I was amazed that there were any other answers other than "She's gay." But there were! There were actually five answers that people came up with! Five? Really?

Of course, the number one answer was that she was gay. 74 folks came up with that. Huh. Only three-quarters. I guess I would have thought it would have been more than that. But let's look at some of the other answers. The number two answer what that she was a talk show host. All right.

The number five answer was that she was a good dancer. Really? You hear "Ellen DeGeneres" and the first thing that pops into your mind it "Man, can that lady dance!" Really? Who are you people?

The number four answer was that she's funny. I don't know who would come up with that answer, as I find it to be rather subjective (she IS hilarious, though), but I can at least get that answer more than I can get the "she's a good dancer" answer.

Now those four folks have answered and it goes back to the head of the family, a guy named Mike. Mike gets the question read to him again by the wonderful actor, whatever his name is, who played J. Peterman on Seinfeld, and what does Mike answer? What is it that Mike says is something that EVERYONE knows about Ellen DeGeneres? That's right. Mike says, "I would say that she doesn't like our country very well." Wait. What now?

That she doesn't like our country very well?! What the hell kind of an answer is that?! EVERYONE knows that?! I don't think that they do! Do they?! I don't! (And by the way, the last answer was the she is married to Portia deRossi, who is smokin' hot. OK, they didn't say the smokin' hot part, but that's what folks were thinking. Trust me.)

Now, in the clip of this episode below, I noticed the same thing that Ellen was pointing out when she played this clip on her show. This guy gives his answer, "I would say that she doesn't like our country very well" and all of the family members and the audience are just clapping away! Yay! Good answer! Good answer! BUZZ!! Awww. So close! We really thought that was it! What the hell was going on there?! What a bunch of morons. I know they're supposed to be all chipper and happy and supportive of their team members and all, but isn't there an out clause for stupid ass answers like that?

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