Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Non-Killer's Sex Change

Here's a new one. Remember John Mark Karr? The weirdo that was living in Thailand (where most weirdos go to live. It's like their Disneyland.) and somehow ended up being connected to the Jon Benet Ramsey murder? And then he confessed to the murder. But he DID NOT kill her. He's just a guy who wanted to be the killer. Or something. I don't know. There's plenty wrong with you if you're going around confessing to murders that you did not commit. And if you're confessing to the murder of a little girl, that's even more weird. So why am I just a little surprised to learn that Mr. Karr has had a sex change?

That's right. A sex change. According to the inside folks over there at
Inside Edition, "Karr apparently started changing his sexual identity in 2006, taking female hormones. For a time, he put the sex change process on hold and got engaged to Brook Simmons. " OK, I'm going to get back to Karr in a moment here. How whacked out is this chick that she would A) even consider dating him, let alone actually date him, and B) end up getting engaged to this guy? She's clearly not in her right mind either. The guy was living in Thailand. Who goes to Thailand? Usually guys who are child touchers. Not ALL, but a lot. Child touchers love Thailand. I'm sure that's not something that the Chamber of Commerce uses to bring in tourism or anything, but child touchers love Thailand.

According to Inside Edition, they asked Brook Simmons about his pending sex change three years ago. When asked, "Do you have any comments about that?" Simmons responded, "Yes, I disagree with that. The sex change. I do. I'm not gonna lie. I disagree with it." Really? You're a chick who is engaged to a dude and you disagree with his having a sex change to become a woman? Really? In what way?

It should come as no surprise to you to learn that their relationship didn't last. Yeah, that's a hard thing to overlook. I mean, certain things, like snoring or an abnormal love for zucchini or something like that could be overlooked. But I think it's going to be a bit of a stretch to expect that a chick who was all set on marrying a dude is going to be OK if that dude changes into a chick. Yeah, that's not going to happen. Those nuptials are toast.

According to Inside Edition, "Karr apparently started changing his sexual identity in 2006, taking female hormones." Wait a minute. In 2006? 2006 was when he confessed to killing Jon Benet Ramsey. He started taking female hormones during that same year?! Who is the doctor that allowed him to continue forward with this? Aren't there psychological exams that need to take place before all of the hormonal crap starts going on? Isn't confessing to a murder that you didn't commit some sort of a sign of mental instability? I think it just might be! I mean, I don't know, but I'm thinking that if you're going to take responsibility for a murder that you didn't commit, it might not be the best time to be changing the ol' around. But that's just me.

Inside Edition managed to obtain a picture of what Karr looks like today. Of course, he doesn't call himself John Mark Karr. That would be silly. No, he has changed his name to Alexis Reich. And it wasn't just his name that he changed. He also managed to lop almost 15 years off of his age and claim that his birthday is now January 1, 1980 as opposed to his real birthdate of December 11, 1964. Is that a normal part of a sex change? You get to change your birthday as well? And you just get to make up however old you are? It's like part sex change, part witness protection program.

And that picture that they have? Where do you think that they found it? Of course. On freaking Facebook, where else? My God. Is there any aspect of life that can continue these days without having Facebook somehow play a part in it? I'm so over hearing about Facebook everywhere. Try and do something without Facebook once in a while, folks.

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Anonymous said...

For the alleged recent communication of creepy death threats toward a former little girl student - Karr now Reich was "last seen in a Seattle Homeless Shelter and Police Are Searching For The Former Suspect In The JonBenet Ramsey Case Who Is Now Reportedly A Woman Named Alexis Reich"


Mare said...

Hey, Anonymous.

Thanks for the link. It's rather disturbing. Then again, so is John Mark Karr.

Thanks for reading!

~ Mare