Monday, January 23, 2012

I Never Thought It Would Be Good

Well, the 49ers lost yesterday. I'm semi-consolable. I'd be inconsolable if this hadn't been the best season that they'd had in at least a dozen years and if they hadn't gotten farther than 29 other teams in the NFL. It's hard to complain about something like that. Easy to be sad, but hard to complain. But don't think that's going to stop people from complaining. No, they complain. You know why? Because people are a-holes when it comes to sports, that's why. Actually, they'll complain about anything that they can find to complain about when sports are involved.

Take the national anthem. The NFL had Steven Tyler sing the anthem before the start of the other
game yesterday. Now, I find it an interesting choice, but I'm not going to be surprised if he ends up singing a 'non-traditional' sounding anthem. What would you expect? It's Steven freaking Tyler. There's not one single thing that's 'traditional' about that man. Nothing. (And I'm a Steven Tyler fan, by the way. That doesn't mean that I don't know what I'm getting when he's the choice to sing the national anthem. I know. And I know it'll be something, but that something likely won't be great.)

But people complained about it. Were they expecting anything different? How could they have been? But yet ESPN guy Skip Bayless tweeted "How could Patriots be inspired by that awful anthem sung by Steven Tyler? At least give him some screaming guitars to camouflage voice." Again, his voice wasn't made for the national anthem. What did he expect? I don't know, but it must have been the same thing that an abundance of other people expected. went with "
Steven Tyler's 'Star-Spangled Banner' was terrible, but was it the worst ever?" Oh, for crying out loud! He wasn't trying's not that kind of a....never mind. And I have those same sentiments for a one Greg Gutfeld of FOX News who tweeted "I went outside to put a raccoon out of its misery - then I realized my neighbor was watching Steven Tyler sing the Star-Spangled Banner." It's not supposed to sound all perfect! It's Steven Tyler! Why were you expecting something other than a miserable raccoon sound?!

OK, sure, it did sound like he kind of got some of the words wrong a couple of the times.

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