Wednesday, November 2, 2011

She Probably Didn't Know

Ruth Madoff is making the rounds. You might remember her as the wife of scumbag thief Bernie Madoff. You might remember Bernie Madoff as the orchestrator of the largest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world; to the tune of about $65 billion dollars. If you have a hard time remembering his name, just call him Scumbag. It's accurate and it works. But I digress. His wife is now promoting a book (of course) and I needed to comment on some of the delusions that she appears to be suffering from.

First of all, I'd really appreciate it if she would stop talking about this incident as if something, like
that akin to a hurricane, has happened to her. She's a little too victim-y for my liking. She can be mad all she wants, but I'd appreciate it if she would direct that anger at her scumbag swindler of a husband and not everyone who justifiably hates her and her entire family. Her not acknowledging that the hatred is probably deserved (or, at the very least,justifiable) isn't going to make anyone like her any more than they already don't.

Next, I keep hearing that she isn't going to be receiving any of the profits from the book that is coming out. Now, when I first heard that, I was fairly surprised and rather pleased. Then I heard that the money would be going to her son's fiance. Yeah, that's the same as her getting the money. Do you really think that she agreed to participate in the writing of the book without requiring one cent in return? I highly doubt it. She's getting paid and I'd appreciate it if folks would stop acting like she isn't.

I watched a lot of her interview on 60 Minutes. I would have watched more than I did except that I kept getting distracted by wondering
how much plastic surgery she'd had over the years in order to look the way that she currently does. But one of the things that I did manage to take away from that interview was my assessment of her involvement in the whole ripping off people trying to save for retirement dealio. She says she didn't know and I kind of don't think that she did. Think about it. How much do you know about your spouse's work? I mean the intricate ins and outs. What do you know? Not squat, that's right. I'll give her a break. I'm not so sure about the son, though. That he doesn't appear to have an upper lip isn't helping him win any credibility points with me, either. He really should have had that fixed when they were all rolling around in Scrooge McDuck sized piles of cash.

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