Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So Many People Just Don't Get It

(Scroll over the images in this post to see who's who.) Wow. People are really, seriously delusional about this sex abuse horror that involved the defensive coordinator of Penn State football. That so many people did absolutely nothing is astounding to me. But what is even more astounding is the number of people who don't seem to think that anyone did anything wrong. Well, except for the child rapist. Ahem, alleged child rapist. I'm going to assume that people are not defending him. Then again, I can't believe that people are supporting the people who did nothing, so who knows? Maybe they are on the side of a man who sets up a charity for troubled boys so that he can have easy access to fondle and rape them. Maybe.
Jerry Sandusky
See, it seems to be pretty well documented that this Jerry Sandusky pervert was well known in his little Penn State football circle for sexing up little boys. And what did these people who were in the know do? Well, some of them did nothing. Some told the college. And some had meetings about it and told him, essentially, "don't do that". NO ONE called the cops. And that's a fact that I find simply astonishing. How could you not call the cops? How could you not alert authorities of one form or another if you had this sort of information? I, personally, don't see how you couldn't. But a whole lot of people who worked with Penn State football seem to have a different opinion on the matter. Seeing as how they actually did do nothing, I'd say that they have a very different opinion of what should happen in instances like these.
Joe Paterno
And the beloved football coach, the ancient Joe Paterno, was one of those people who did nothing. See, when a one Mike McQueary (who was a graduate assistant at the time, but who is now the receivers coach) saw the sicko Sandusky sodomizing a 10-year-old boy in a shower at the team's football complex, all he did was tell Paterno. Of course, he waited until the next day. Because there's nothing all that pressing or urgent about child rape. Right. Anyway, what did old man Paterno do? Go to the cops? Go to the DA? Of course not! No, he decided he should notify the athletic director, a one Tim Curley, and then the vice president, a one Gary Schultz. Neither one of them felt it necessary to go to authorities either.
Tim Curley
Now, if you think that I'm being too hard on Paterno, let me clarify my stance. I don't just want him gone. I want every single person who had even a whiff that this was going on to be fired. Every one. Every one who did nothing needs to go on their way. Doesn't that make sense? Well, to about 300 Penn State students who were outside of Paterno's house last night, it doesn't. They would think that's just crazy. That's why they went to Paterno's house to support him. Gary Schultz
According to the Collegian Online, "Nearly 300 students gathered outside Joe Paterno's house" in support of a man who does nothing when he knows that one of his colleagues is raping little boys. And you're not going to believe what he said. (Who am I kidding? At this point, would anything that he does or says surprise you? Naaahhh.) He said, "The kids who were victims, whatever they want to say, I think we need to say a prayer for them...It's a tough life when people do certain things to you." Oh, for cryin' out loud! Are you freaking kidding me?!Joe Paterno's Penn State chant
First of all, the "whatever they want to say" part disgusts me. I'm pretty sure that I'd call someone who was raped when they were ten years old a victim. Whatever they want to say?! What a joke. And he thinks that they should say a prayer for them?! How is THAT going to help?! Hey, Joe! Were you praying for them when you did nothing?! How about instead of praying you actually get off of your ass and do the morally right thing for once. And while it IS "a tough life when people do certain things to you", it is an even tougher life when other people know what is being done to you and they DO NOTHING! I cannot believe this man. Is he senile? Probably. But it gets even worse.
Crowd of morons at Joe Paterno's House
That's right. After his completely clueless little speech there, do you know what he did? According to Fox News
"Paterno held his fists over his head three times and said, "We are ..."And the crowd replied, "Penn State!" Oh. My. God. Is that all it's about with those people? JUST football? I don't get it. THAT'S his reaction?? We are Penn State? I'm sure that all of the victims (and there are plenty) are going to be really comforted to know that, as a football college, y'all are right there with each other! Where's the rally outside of the victims houses? Where's the rally of support for those who were actually harmed by all of these do-nothing a-holes? Oh, there wasn't one? Shocking. You know why there wasn't one? Because those people that were in that crowd are paste eating, mouth breathing morons, that's why.Crowd of morons at Joe Paterno's house
The New York Times has the grand jury report if you'd like to read it. Be forewarned, though. It's rough. But when you get done, if you still think that it was perfectly OK for Joe Paterno and everyone else who knew about this to do nothing then you will know that there is something wrong with you.

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