Friday, November 4, 2011

Not Sure Why They're At The Port

Well, the Occupy Oakland folks are in full moronic swing right now. I know I'm not the only one who doesn't understand exactly what it is that these folks have a beef with. And I'm starting to think it's because there isn't really any sort of particular beef. It's looking more and more just like an opportunity for folks who aren't real happy with the way that their life is going to get together and bitch about it. Oh, and to drum about it. (What is it with these sorts of movements/protests and drums? I'm guessing it's because drums playing doesn't really require a whole lot of training and/or musical talent. Hell, the guy from Def Leppard can play the drums with one arm, so it's not even a requirement that someone have all of their limbs in order to actually drum. But that guy from Def Leppard really does kick ass, so let's really try not to impugn his character and talents during this little screed, shall we?)

The current plan of action for the occupiers appears to be to shut down the Port of Oakland for some reason. Now, I understand most of their frustration with Wall Street. Why they expect Wall Street to do anything about their behavior is beyond me. Why they aren't occupying capitols and Senate buildings is beyond me as well. If the politicians could do a little more regulating of certain things, then perhaps all of the scumbag moves that the bankers make would be curtailed a bit. But if you think that someone who is making a gazillion dollars a year (possibly multiple gazillions) is going to stop doing that because there are a bunch of hippies in the street, well, I admire your magical thinking abilities.

So they've all meandered down to the port because I guess they all got together and thought, "I'm pretty unhappy with what's going on over on Wall Street right now. You know what would fix it? Shutting down port traffic in Oakland for a night. Yeah, that should do it. Damn importers/exporters of a variety of goods through one of our many ports. We'll show them! Thinking they can just import and export like that! Who do they think they are? Wall Street! Are you listening?!" Does that sound ludicrous? So does shutting down port traffic when you're allegedly upset at bankers. You're with me, right? I thought so.! The following pictures were taken by a very talented photographer and humorous captioner, a one John V. Robinson.

"This chick was slicing the bologna pretty thin." She might be demanding structural change, but she probably should have first demanded a bigger sign.

"Ronald McDonald crucified on a cross of dollar bills." Are they against the makers of the glorious Shamrock Shake? That's weird.

"This kid in the kitchen was being bitched at for being a freeloader." Shocking, I know.

"The dude with no shirt was angry at the revolutionaries: "We been chillin in the park for years, drinking and smokin weed. And y' all mother fuckers is bring the heat down on us." He socked one of the young revolutionaries." I gotta say that I'm kind of on the side of the drinking weed smokers. They were there first.

"Waving a Palistinian flag and yelling things like: "Death to Capitalism; Death to Isreal...ect" I never have a Rocket Propelled Granade when I need one." Right. Because doing things the way that the Palestinians do them is going to fix things. Then again, maybe they have a point. I don't think that Palestinian bankers were writing up thousands of sham mortgages. Granted, that's because those things don't really exist in Palestine, but I guess it's something to wave a flag about.

"Good work if you can get it." God, I do not even want to think about where that mattress has been.

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