Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back To Jail...Eventually

Surprise, surprise. Lindsay Lohan is going back to jail. Not only have I lost count as to how many times she's been to jail, I've also lost interest in how many times she's gone to jail. This chick has way too many problems to even make it enjoyable any more. (And can you blame her for being screwed up, what with her screwed up family and all? Of course you can. She's twenty five or something like that. Time to grow the eff up. Hmmm. It appears my sympathy has waned a wee bit.) But even after all of this time (this BS has been going on since 2007 for cryin' out loud) she still seems to get preferential treatment because she's a drugged out, semi-washed up celebrity. How is that even possible?

See, she went to court yesterday for a hearing where they were to address her not showing up for a bunch of community service and for not going to a bunch of therapy. And the judge sentenced her to a meager 30 days in jail. It's even more meager when you realize that, because of overcrowding at the jail and because she's a non-violent offender, she's going to do substantially less time than 30 days. It would appear that she could expect to do anywhere between a couple of hours up to a whopping six days. Seriously, why even bother? A couple of hours? Talk about just going through the motions. I'm kind of thinking that after almost 5 years, you make them do more than just a couple of hours.

But here's the thing: Instead of having to go to jail right away (like she did a few weeks ago before she posted $100,000 and was released) the judge gave her a break (as if she's never had one before) and said that she has a week before she has to surrender. Why? Well, because she is apparently under contract with Playboy to have her nude photo shoot (and we're talking FULL frontal here) done this week and if she doesn't do it, then she is in breach of the contract (which is supposed to be paying her a million dollars). I don't know how I feel about this, but I don't think that I like it. While I agree that, theoretically, the chick needs to make money (she's probably snorted and drank her way through most of the money that she had made up to this point), I kind of think that the legal system should come first at least once in this ordeal! Maybe if she missed out on making a million bucks for showing everyone her lady parts, maybe then she'd take this next round of reparations seriously. (Stop laughing. I said 'maybe'!)

And really, I have a hard time believing that Playboy would not reschedule with her. But even if they wouldn't, at least by breaking the terms of the contract because she was in freaking jail (for the sixth time) she might begin to realize that there actually are repercussions for being a huge jackass. I highly doubt that someone who was not a celebrity would be getting this many chances. I have no idea what this is costing LA county or the city or whatever it is to repeatedly keep going back to court to deal with this dimwit. But I'm pretty sure that if it was you or me that was in this position that we wouldn't be getting all of the breaks that Lindsay has gotten. Pretty sure.

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