Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Speak Up, Cowards

What in the world is wrong with people? Yes, this time I do have specific people in mind. And I don't think that I will ever understand them. I'm open to any explanations that anyone might have for this sort of behavior, though. (The problem is that I don't think that I'm going to like any of the explanations in this instance.)

Here's the condensed version of what I'm referring to: Over there at Penn State where the football program is revered by all. But what probably isn't revered by all are the alleged actions of a one Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky was a former defensive coordinator for Penn State. While he hasn't worked there in an official capacity for a number of years, he had access to all of the football facilities, so it might as well have been like he worked there. Anyway, there have been allegations made and charges filed against Mr. Sandusky that he sexually assaulted young boys in the shower. And 'sexually assaulted' is just the nice way of putting it. He raped little boys. Allegedly.

OK, so that's bad, right? Yes! Yes, it's bad! It's very, very bad! But wait! I'm not done! See, it turns out that allegedly people knew about this and said nothing. That's right. People knew that this alleged pervert was raping young boys (as young as freaking ten years old, for cryin' out loud) and did nothing. Both the Athletic Director, a one Tim Curley and Penn State's senior vice president for business and finance, a one Gary Schultz, have both been charged with perjury and some other things because they allegedly lied to the grand jury investigating Sandusky and because they also failed to properly report suspected child abuse. Scumbags. Oh, excuse me. Alleged scumbags.

And this is where my question comes in. HOW on earth does someone know about something like this that is going on and doesn't do anything about it?! How?! Look, I can understand someone who is a pedophile. There is something wrong with their brain. It's an easy explanation. It doesn't excuse any sort of behaviors that they might have at all. But I understand what is wrong with a pedophile. What I don't understand is what is wrong with someone who allegedly knows that ten or eleven year old boys are being raped and that person in the know does absolutely nothing about it. Oh, wait. I take that back. They did do something. They lied about it.

I don't know that I could control myself if I learned that someone that I worked with was using the facilities at my place of employment as grounds for his molesting and sexually assaulting children. Apparently, at one point, a janitor actually walked in on Sandusky while he had a young boy in the shower up against the wall and was in the process of raping him. HOW do you not just kill that guy right then and there? What is wrong with those people? Why would you lie to protect someone like this? Why would you not help those kids? Pedophiles make me absolutely sick, but I think that the people that stand by and do absolutely nothing when they know that something is going on make me even sicker.

This whole thing makes me absolutely sick. And I wish that the media would stop reporting this as if it's a sports story. It's NOT a sports story. Just because sports are involved doesn't make it a sports story. (That's like saying that the OJ Simpson trial should have been in the sports section. Please.) This is a story about a bunch of abuse that was allowed to continue because of cowards. And there is a name for people like that. The thing is that is won't matter what the name is when they're burning in hell. And that can not come soon enough if you're asking me.

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