Friday, September 23, 2011

You're Not Gonna Be A Great Breakdancer

Stereotypes have to come from somewhere, right? There's always a little bit of truth within each one. (And it's OK to admit it! No one is going to think less of you!) And what we have below is a video which accurately depicts the stereotypical mother when her wacky child does something that she doesn't quite get/approve of. He's attempting to break dance on a mat in what I can only assume is the family living room. And he's really got a lot of the moves down except for the ones where he can stop spinning and not almost kill himself. The thing is that listening to the mom after she cuts off his music and begins berating him (and extremely agile Asians) in such typical "mom" fashion that it's hilarious. Also, she sounds exactly like Joan Cusack, so that's something to add to the equation.

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1 comment:

xlpharmacy said...

hahahaha, well just like rumors, all rumors came from the truth but they depends of the moments and what the person involve was doing in that moment and yeah he's not gonna be a break dancer ever...