Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, My Friend

Look, I don't often use this blog as an outlet for me to wax poetic about my personal life (other than stuff that irritates the holy crap out of me), but I'm making an exception today.

Yesterday was my BFF's birthday. I have no idea how old she is because she won't tell anyone. (OK, fine. I know exactly how old she is, but I'm not telling her that I know! If she wants to live in her odd little world that way, let her.) And she's really the most incredible person that I've ever known. But lately, things haven't been all that great for her. But in spite of all of the non-greatness, she still manages to hold it together. Somehow. I'm not sure exactly how she does it, but she does.

The point here is this: If there's someone that you love and/or respect who is having a hard time and you have the means or the ability to be able to help them out in some fashion, please do it. Don't do it with any strings attached. Don't do it expecting anything in return. And for cryin' out loud, don't make it about you. Do it because the person is awesome and because it would mean a lot to them. Do it because they deserve it. Do it because it will help them. Do it because you can. And do it because the enjoyment that you will get from watching them be so happy will be more rewarding than you ever imagined. You never know; you could just change their life. And that, in turn, will change yours. Trust me. It feels pretty good.

But don't worry. You can go right back to being snarky, surly and pessimistic right after you're done being nice. It's still there, which is a good thing because I'd really hate to make a choice.

Happy birthday, my friend.

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