Monday, September 12, 2011

Now That's An Anthem

So, yesterday we had the barrage of 09/11 tributes. Too many to count, really. And it was also the first day of the NFL football season. And I guess that we were all supposed to be extra moved by whoever it was that did their rendition of the national anthem before the various games. I get that. I mean, we were only ten days into the Persian Gulf War in 1991 when Whitney Houston did her thing at the Super Bowl at Tampa Stadium. (Holy crap, we've been at war in the sand lands for way too long.) But I guess I'm just one of those people that likes the anthem to just be sung. It doesn't need to be all tricked out or anything. I just want whomever to sing the song and sing it like they mean it and not so much like they're just trying to impress people with their wide vocal range and sparkly fringe outfit. That's all I ask.

And over there at Soldier Field in Chicago where the Bears hosted the Atlanta Falcons, I got my wish. Apparently, there's a guy named Jim Cornelison who can really sing the national anthem. And I mean really sing it. This guy doesn't mess around. (I don't know what the big gaudy ring on his finger is, but I'm hoping that it's some sort of a sports championship ring. Hoping. It looks like a broach. ) I find it extremely moving, especially on 09/11. Now if I can just go for the rest of my life without having to hear Christina Aguilera or Fergie ever sing the anthem again, I'll be happy. Check out this Jim Cornelison guy singing yesterday. (The actual singing part starts around 1:05 if you're not interested in watching a bunch of people unroll the biggest flag that I've ever seen.) It's awesome and it's how it should be.

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Scott Jacobs said...

Well, Michelle Obama certainly wouldn't care about the flag...

Scott Jacobs said...

Some poking around on the internet leads me to believe that ring might be an NHL Stanley Cup Championship ring. Pics I see of it make it look fucking HUGE, and since the guy does all the opening songs from the Chicago Blackhawks (and has full-time since 2007), it isn't completely impossible (though maybe unlikely) that the team could have gifted him with one.

Or he just likes massive fucking rings.

But yeah, he really belted that fucker out, didn't he?