Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Really, Fox News?

When I want to stay informed about current events, all I want are the facts of the story. I really don't want it to have a slant. I want the journalists that craft their stories to be impartial. The news isn't meant to be reported as if it were an editorial. If I wanted an editorial, I'd read stuff that I write. I want the news and that's all that I want. That being said...Fox News? What is wrong with you?
::: sigh ::: Behold.

Really? "Impeached President"? Yes, yes. Bill Clinton was impeached. Is there a reason that they felt the need to address him in that manner? That has absolutely nothing to do with the topic that they're about the discuss. And if that's what they're going to be about then really, what's stopping them from using other phrasings that would be technically accurate? Let's see...we could have:

Fellatio Recipient Opines About Something Non-fellatious

Big ol' Liar Is Embarrassed For The Country

Adulterer Wants To Strangle Non-Believers

Yes, we could have any of those headlines, but we don't. You know why? Because it's not good journalism, that is correct. And it really irks me because I try to give cable news the benefit of the doubt most of the time. But a headline like that at the "Fair and Balanced" news station just isn't making that possible for me. Keep it classy, Fox News.

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Scott Jacobs said...

They said it in the "person who should be ashamed of himself says that some people are an embarrassment".

Like if Jimmy Carter called a bunch of people pansies, you might point out his terror that was caused by a bunny...

Juliana said...

Agreed, Mare.