Friday, May 6, 2011

The Ruler We Fear

I hope that the site that I'm going to be referencing hasn't been fixed by the time that this posts. Apparently, a woman named Jane Corwin is running for Congress. Judging from the current appearance of her website, I'd say that she needs to hire better IT staff. If it hasn't been fixed, I'm sure that you'll find it as hilarious as I do. If it has been fixed, I only wish that the power supply on my main computer hadn't blown up and that I wasn't on a different computer. If I had my regular computer, I'd cut and paste and do all sorts of little Photoshop things here. You know, like I tend to do. But for now, I'm just going to have to part with words of wisdom: Get your domain names locked down. Especially if you're running for Congress. Especially if you're running for Congress.

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Mark said...

Not fixed.

It looks like it has been passed through the Politician --> English Google translate, though.

Mare said...


I wonder how long it's going to stay like that? The longer, the better in my opinion!

~ Mary