Sunday, May 15, 2011

Run For The Border

I went to Taco Bell yesterday. My companion, who has been starving herself for a date on Monday, finally caved into her famishment and was in dire need of a taco salad. Thus, we went. And as I'm sitting in the drive-thru, looking at their offerings and waiting for the minion with the microphone to take my order, I noticed that they have a special going. And their wording of that particular special bothered me. Behold! Do you see the problem? Yes, I realize that the one burrito looks like it has tater tots in it and that's a little concerning, but that's not my main concern. (Also, I'm pretty sure that the Cinnamon Twists are merely sugar coated pork rinds.) No, it's the name of the thing. $5 Buck Box. Doesn't that read "Five Dollar Buck Box"? Why isn't it simply 5 Buck Box? Never mind that if you have five of a buck that you now have bucks (plural). It makes no sense. It makes even less sense than food that is under a dollar. If I ate red meat (and if I could narrow down what those tater tot lookin' things actually were), I might have ordered that just on principle so that I could say, "I'd like one Five Dollar Buck Box, please." Who do I take this up with? Where's that little dog? Would he know?

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