Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So How Many of Them ARE There?

San Francisco is issuing ID cards for illegal aliens. Now, if that's not concerning/disturbing enough for you, it gets better/worse. These ID cards will not list the individual's gender. That's right. It won't say "Male" or "Female". Why? Come ON! It's San Franpsycho. They're not putting the gender on the ID cards because that could cause problems for those who are transgender.

The legal director of the Transgender Law Center in SF says that the card "really makes gender a non-issue". The director also says that "legally changing a name and gender designation can be time-consuming and cost hundreds of dollars. IDs that don't match appearance could "out" people and make them vulnerable to discrimination or abuse."

First off, if you've had gender "re-assignment" surgery, a few hundred more dollars to change your ID isn't out of line. So that "logic" is out. But here's the real problem I have with this: The city of SF is making concessions for illegal immigrants who are transgendered! How many of these people ARE there?! They are developing the parameters of a system that is to be distributed for use city-wide based upon the personal situations of how many (again) illegal immigrants??

Listen, I'm in an area where farming is abdundant. I've seen many, many individuals working in those fields and not ONCE have I ever seen any of them who looked like Charo.

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