Thursday, November 29, 2007

Home Despot

OK, as long as the folks over at Home Depot are going to continue to be generally clueless, I'm going to feel free to mock them for it.

The Home Depot that I am forced to go to (no Lowe's within 60 miles. Are you reading this, Lowe's guys?!?! NO LOWE'S!!! Build, please.) will, apparently, hire just about anyone, regardless of their knowledge of, well, anything at all. This results in odd, yet amusing interactions between me and the clueless employees. Often.

Here's today's example: I needed to buy some wooden dowels and three 1" x 1" pieces of wood that were each a foot long. So, 1 package of dowels and 3, 1 foot long pieces of wood. With me so far? Good. You're miles ahead of the cashier chick.

She scans the dowels and then becomes perplexed by the wood. She stares at the wood for about 10 seconds and then she asks me, "Is this one piece of wood or is this three pieces of wood?" Believe me when I say that, as confused as she was, her question rendered me even more confused.

What do you say to that? You have to say something. It was a question! So I said, "Well, I see three pieces of wood, but I'm drunk, so it could just be one." She rang up the three pieces and I was on my way.

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