Saturday, November 24, 2007

$25,000 Dessert? Do I Hear $30,000?

A few weeks ago, a restaurant in New York set a world record for the most expensive dessert. when it created something that was a mix of cocoas, milk, edible gold and truffles and topped with whipped cream and more gold. It also comes with an 18K gold bracelet with another 1 carat of white diamonds at the base of the golden goblet.

How is "Most Expensive (Insert Name of Anything You Can Make Here)" even a Guinness category? But regardless of that, what are the rules of this completely arbitrary category? Come on, it comes with a diamond bracelet on the side?? Yeah, that would tend to increase the value a bit, but how can that even count as part of the dessert?

Tell you what....I'm going to break that record. MY World's Most Expensive Dessert will consist of a Duncan Hines brownie, slathered in Cool Whip, sprinkled with a generous helping of M&Ms AND it comes with one, that two, two Hummers on the side. There. I win.

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