Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ethics, Smethics

Ah, yes, a college education in the University of California system. A system just bursting at the seams with knowledgable professors just ready to spill their overflowing knowledge all over you. And you are ready to just soak it up like the sponge that you are, yes? But are you concerned about whether or not what it is that you're soaking up is toxic or not? You should be.

You should be concerned, given the case of Stephen Yagman. Mr. Yagman was convicted of federal tax evasion (for weaseling his way out of paying more than $100,000 taxes) and for bankruptcy fraud. (Did I mention that he was a "prominent divil-rights attorney" during his weasel-ment? He was. And it makes this all the more ridiculous.) This seems fitting considering that the dude was taking vacations to Aspen, purchasing expensive suits from London and generally pissing money away right and left in other similar fashions. Not a very bankrupt lifestyle, if you ask me.

With this kind of behavior, a professor at UCLA, Professor Frances Ohlsen, decided that it would be appropriate to ask Mr. Yagman to teach an undergratuate course in law, morality and social justice at UCLA.

Mr. Yagman's sentencing hearing is currently underway and is set to resume on Monday. His lawyer is urging the judge NOT to impose a potential nine-year prison sentence so that he can teach the course.

Are you KIDDING me?! Not only should this guy NEVER teach anything relating to the law and ethics, but the professor that thought that he SHOULD teach at UCLA should have her head examined. I would love to know how her thinking process works, or doesn't work because it would appear that it's broken.

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