Friday, July 1, 2011

That's Not A Sock

According to CNN's iReport (which lets me know that they don't check any sort of content that is submitted to their site by readers AT ALL, so you know that this is totally legit) there is a semi-pro baseball team in Amarillo (that's in Texas) called the Amarillo Sox. Catchy. I guess that they needed a costume for their mascot. The mascot being a sock, of course. As in Amarillo Sox. Now, before I continue with a story that you know will go horribly awry, I'm going to show you how other teams with the nickname "Sox" deal with their mascot situation. First, the Chicago White Sox. Behold!
Kind of weird, huh? His name is Southpaw. I guess he's a monster. Whatever he is, that's their mascot. Now, let's look at the mascot for the Red Sox. Again, a team with the Sox moniker in need of a mascot. Behold!
Interesting. Another green monster for a team without the word 'green' in their name. His full name is Wally the Green Monster. But even though these two teams decided to go with some sort of monster character as a mascot, don't think that the Amarillo Sox were going to follow suit. Oh, no. They were going to attempt to go for a literal interpretation of their team's name. That being, a sock. Behold! Oh. Unfortunate. That doesn't really look so much like a sock, per se. No, it looks a little bit more know. I will say this about it. He does look excited. Very, very excited. According to the general manage of the Amarillo Sox, a one Mark Lee, said “It was not the way I wanted it.” Really? You didn't intend for the mascot for your team to look like a giant banana boner? Had something else in mind, did you? Huh. You don't say.

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