Saturday, July 2, 2011

That's A Wrap

No one wants herpes. Even less people want AIDS. They're both bad, but one's a little more death-y than the other. And I think that more people would talk about how they don't want gonorrhea and syphilis more if they were easier to spell. And while these things are bad and pretty much everyone does not want them, you wouldn't get that impression from all of the people that don't want to use a condom. And for some reason, you can't explain the greatness of the condom to people so that they will listen. Well, until the poster below came along. (Pun not really intended.)

Isn't that great? My favorite part was the pleasure graph (though I think that they're giving the genital wart removal a little too much credit judging from the size of that bar). I also enjoy that in this condom-wearing world, Cleveland is a state. (It's funny because it's not a state at all.)

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