Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just Can't Quit While She's Ahead

Wow. Some people just don't know how to quit when they're ahead. I mean, seriously, if you barely escaped being convicted of killing your infant daughter (which everyone knows that you did) and getting the death penalty and instead were only convicted of four counts of lying to the police, wouldn't you just take it and run? Well, run as soon as they let you out of jail, of course. You would. I would. I think most everyone would. Then again, most everyone (I think) isn't capable of actually killing their daughter and getting away with it in the way that Casey Anthony (allegedly) did. Thus, is it going to surprise you when I tell you that she's appealing her convictions for lying to the police? Of course it isn't.

According to the fine folks over there at ABC News, Casey Anthony "...filed an appeal (today) of her conviction that she lied to law enforcement officers." Why in the world would someone in her position do that? Is it just because she can? Is it because she already got away with the biggest crime of them all, the alleged murder of her little girl, and now she just wants to see if she can get off totally scot free? I mean, it's pretty obvious that she did a lot of things that were so wrong in so many different ways. Whether or not those things were "proven" might be in question, but what is not in question is that she lied. What else would you call it if you took police officers to your office in Universal Studios, only to stop them after you led them down various hallways and tell them that you lied about working there? It's right there in the description! You lied!

This girl will find herself in legal trouble again quite soon I predict. And I also predict that her convictions for lying will not be overturned because it's quite obvious that she lied. Then again, I also predicted that she would be convicted for killing her daughter because it's quite obvious that she did. Huh. No wonder she appealed.

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