Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Didn't See That Coming

You know that this is going to be about the Casey Anthony verdict. Like there's anything else to choose from really. Actually, there are a load of things I could ramble on about, but this one seems fun.

Now, I know that there are a lot of folks out there who are really butthurt over the not guilty verdict. I agree that it is a sham of a verdict. Did those people on the jury hear the same evidence that I heard? I keep reading things online (take that for what it's worth) like "It was all circumstantial" and "Nobody knows exactly how she died." Umm...circumstantial doesn't mean it isn't worth anything. I mean, there are going to be circumstances. That's just how it is. And do we need to know how she died? Dead is dead. And it's like the prosecutor said in his closing statement: "You don't cover up an accident to make it look like a murder." No. No, you don't! And that has nothing to do with anything being "circumstantial". It has to do with flat out logic.

Next up...Kim Kardashian! (There are some words I never thought I'd say.) For some reason, the media had latched onto Kim Kardashian's tweets about this case. Now, from what I can tell, Kim Kardashian doesn't have much going on upstairs other than how to successfully market herself. That she is a genius at. Everything else, including breathing? Uhhh...not so much. But she has been into this case. And after the verdict was announced she tweeted the following:

Now, just as a little bit of a refresher, Kim Kardashian's father was Robert Kardashian. Robert Kardashian was part of the team that got OJ Simpson acquitted. Granted, she was 14 at the time, but you'd think that she would be acutely aware that these things CAN happen. There can be people who are seemingly guilty as can be (and who may or may not have sliced the heads off of a couple of people), but through the adept skills of lawyering (and picking a jury with sawdust for brains), the client can be found not guilty. That's what made your father famous, Kim. It's likely the only reason why anyone at all knows who you are. Don't be so surprised. You should know almost better than anyone else how this works.

And on the plus side (if there is one) at least we won't have to hear Nancy Grace in that shrieking voice of hers refer to Casey Anthony as "Tot Mom". That is the worst nickname ever. It's just ridiculous AND it's too all encompassing. it could be referring to anyone with a (wait for it) tot. The other positive outcome of this whole ordeal was watching Nancy Grace try not to lose her s*** after the verdict came down. I seriously thought that her head was going to explode. That was a little consolation after the soft-headed paste-eaters rendered their verdict.

I don't understand what happened in that jury room. And it's likely that I never will. But hey, I guess I can just hope that decades from now, justice will be served when Casey Anthony is caught stealing her own sports memorabilia.

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Mark said...

My very first thought was, "Where's Dexter when you really need him?"

xlpharmacy said...

hey I am of of those who are really butthurt over the not guilty verdict, an by the way pretty funny pictures, especially the one with O.J. Simpson LOL