Monday, October 8, 2007

We Suck.

My Niners lost. Again. This time, to the hapless Ravens, a team named after an Edgar Allen Poe story. Doesn't matter. We could have played Goldilocks and the Three Bears and still lost.

You know your team is bad when it loses to a horrible team. Not because the horrible team had a sudden burst of ingenius and inspirational play, but because your team was, and IS, worse.

I have a ton of faith that Alex Smith is the QB that can lead my Niners back to the Promised Land of the Super Bowl. (Although if I start thinking about the reason why I think that, that reason being that the guy went to the U of Utah and I love that my two favorite places can somehow meld as one, then I start to think I'm nuts for thinking it in the first place.) After Sunday's game, however, I'm reverting back to my hopes from a few years ago.

The hope was a simple one. I didn't hope that they would crush every opponent. I didn't hope for last minute victories that they pulled out of their asses. I didn't hope for just a simple checkmark in the W column. The hope was much, much more simple than any of those. And I'm reverting back to it today.

I just hope no one gets killed out there next Sunday. Because if they keep playing like the hapless wusses that they are, it's gonna happen. And all I can do is forget about winning (because that ain't gonna happen) and hope that everyone finishes the game in one piece.

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