Monday, October 24, 2011

That's A Kick In The Pants

Well, just when the you thought that whole Gaddafi thing couldn't get any weirder, it kind of did. Those rebels were pissed at him. And from what you can see when you slow down the video of his capture, it would appear that the rebels felt that a just action at the time would be attempting to shove some sort of stick or handle up his arse, a la sodomy style. Behold!

Hmm. Yes, yes there does appear to be someone attempting to rectally insert that...object. But I'm going to need another picture. What else do we have?

Yeah, he's pretty intent on getting whatever that is up Gaddafi's ass. Interesting. But really, how far does he expect that thing to go when he's still wearing pants? I appreciate the effort, but it seem futile.

But he does really give it the ol' rebel try there, I'll give him that. And that aside, I'm not quite convinced that this falls in the category of being "sodomized". Oh, it looks absolutely uncomfortable, there's not much of a doubt about that. But I don't know that it isn't sensationalism to say that he was sodomized. He was poked in the butt with some sort of poking device. And while that is extremely accurate, I guess it just doesn't make for a very good headline.

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xlpharmacy said...

oh now that you say it, I had not payed attention to it and now that I do, I think you are right hahaha how funny and weird is that!