Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do I Smell Smoke?

You know who Herman Cain is, right? He's that Republican dude that everyone seems to like and who is doing quite well in the polls. He's not exactly running a conventional campaign, nor is he putting out conventional ads. Look at this thing he's running. It's different. (If you're pressed for time, just go to 0:41 and watch from there. That's really the part that got my attention.)

See that? What's with the smoking at the end? Is that guy trying to look like a badass? I thought this country was anti-smoking. Has that changed? Are we pro-smoking now? 'Cause I was kind of liking it without all of the smoke. And I don't know about that sideways smile that he gives there at the very end. It's a little creepy. It kind of has a little bit of "You'll never find the bodies" look to it. He might want to work on that.

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Deguello said...

I think the country should be pro-let businesses decide whether their customers or employees can smoke and anti-having the government enforce a position on people.

4rx scam said...

Dude I don't know what happen but I can watch the video. I got a lot of pop-ups everytime I try to play it... please solve this quickly.

Mare said...

Hey, Deguello.

I totally agree. I don't smoke, but I'm sick of the anti-smoking propaganda being shoved down my throat and in my face everywhere I go. And I like not having smoke everywhere, but I'm conflicted about how this has come about.

Hey, 4rx scam.

I'm not sure how I feel about replying to someone with 'scam' in their name, but here goes. When I clicked on the video, it played for me. I did not get even one pop-up. Therefore, I think the problem might be on your end and not with the video that I embedded.

Thanks for reading!

~ Mare