Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Separated At Birth: Gaddafi Style

Gaddafi's body has been on display for a few days now. I guess they have him in some sort of store front freezer or something like that? Yeah, that's a third world viewing if I've ever heard of one. But I'd like to share with you the top ten things that were overheard from people who went to view the body. Ready? Here we go...

Number Ten...Hey, look, it's the dark haired guy from Hall & Oates.

Number Nine...Hey, look, it's Sonia Sotomayor.

Number Eight...Hey, look, it's Charles Bronson.

Number Seven...Hey, look, it's Keith Richards.

Number Six...Hey, look, it's Mick Jagger.

Number Five...Hey, look, it's Animal from the Muppets.

Number Four...Hey, look, it's Gene Simmons.

Number Three...Hey, look, it's Lionel Richie.

Number Two...Hey, look, it's the guitarist from Metallica.

And the number one thing overheard from the people who were looking at Gaddafi's body in a freezer...Hey, look, it's Carlos Santana.

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1 comment:

Deguello said...

Billy Squier from his The Stroke days looks very similar.