Friday, August 12, 2011

There's A Class For That?

I heard something mentioned today that I didn't think could possibly be true. With a little perusing of the Innerwebs, however, I discovered that it WAS in fact true. And that's when I realized just how ridiculous things have gotten.

See, I heard that part of Lindsay Lohan's sentence (for whatever her most recent shenanigans were that saw her appear in court) is to attend (wait for it) anti-shoplifting classes. What the hell are those?! Anti-shoplifting? You need an entire class to work on that concept?! How does that work?! If the class is any longer than how long it takes to say "Don't steal from stores", I'm going to need more information. Anti-shoplifting classes. Wow. Just wow.

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1 comment:

Scott Jacobs said...

Teacher: "So, you've just picked something up in a store... WHat do you do next?"

Lindsay Lohan: "I... Umm... I walk to the front of the store... And then I... Ummm..."

T: "Yes???"

Winona Ryder: "OH! OH! I know!! You walk out the front door!!"

T: "No... We've gone over this, Winona..."

WR: "Damnit! I'm never gonna get out of this class!"

T: "So, Lindsay, what do you do next?"

LL: "I... Pay for it?"

T: "Very good, Lindsay!! *gives her a cookie*