Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No, That Doesn't Look Crazy At All

What we have here is either really bad journalism (probably not) or really one-sided politics (more likely). If you're going to call yourself a news source and you want to "report" on the news, what say you do it in a way that your subject does not look like a crazy person unless, in fact, they are a crazy person. In this situation, we have Michelle Bachmann. She's not crazy, but Newsweek has her plastered on their cover looking like a lunatic with nice hair and conservative makeup. Behold!

Seriously, Newsweek? What's with the moniker "The Queen Of Rage"? Your article doesn't mention the word "rage" once, so it's a little confusing as to why you'd put that on your cover. And was this really the best out of all of the pictures that were taken? I can't imagine that it is. Y'all are just a bunch of biased journalists. And you suck because of it. Whoever it was that paid a dollar for the whole Newsweek operation, well, he overpaid.

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