Friday, August 5, 2011

He's Got A Secret All Right

Here's a great clip from from old TV show "I've Got A Secret". And it's not just a great clip, it has the potential to have great historic significance. But it really doesn't. See, back in 1956, they found the last surviving witness of the assassination of President Lincoln. How cool is that?! It's very cool! So what do they do with this guy? Well, apparently they paraded him on TV (after he fell and gave himself a black eye from what they tell us) so that he could be on this game show. And the worst part about it is that after they figure out that this is the guy's secret, they give him eighty dollars and a tin full of pipe tobacco and send him on his way! No interview! No discussion! Nothing! Just "Here's your eighty bucks and something for your pipe. Bye now!" The guy was ninety six years old! Quick! Talk to him while he can still speak! Aaauuggghhh! Nope. But here's five minutes of him on a game show:

And if it doesn't load, please click here.

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