Tuesday, August 23, 2011

But That's Not The Problem!

The other day there was a pre-season football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders. It would have been fairly routine had it not been for the ridiculously high number of brawls. Oh, and that one guy that got shot a couple of times in the stomach. (To be fair, he did have a "F*** the 49ers" shirt on, so he kind of had it coming. I'm just sayin'.) That wasn't very routine at all. None of it was. And that's when everyone totally overreacted.

Because of all of these unfortunate incidents, do you know when the 49ers will be playing the Raiders again during pre-season? That's righ
t. Never. According to the Miami Herald, "The 49ers will recommend to the NFL that their annual preseason games against the cross-bay rival Raiders be postponed". Because of a handful of a-holes? Wait. Are they really serious? Oh, they are. And here's what they say about this decision: "I don't think this is indicative of either of our fans. You have a very, very small percentage of a handful of people who ruin an experience for everyone else, and it's not going to be tolerated".

So, wait a minute. They know it's a very, very small percentage of a handful of people that are up to no good and their solution is to punish everyone. That's not really what I would call a rational decision. And it's completely unnecessary. The 49ers team president, Jed York, even said that all of the hubbub that erupted during and after the game "...is partly due to season ticket holders selling their seats to people who don't normally attend games." Thus, could their response to not continue this rivalry be any stupider? I don't think that it can.

There is stupidity that can be added to this, however. (There's always room for idiots!) "The 49ers will no longer allow tailgating during or after games". Right. Because that was the problem. The tailgating. Oh, wait! No. No, that wasn't it at all. In fact, that had NOTHING to do with it. So of course you can see why they will no longer allow it. There's nothing better than overreacting to solve something. Oh, wait. Yes, yes there are plenty of things better than overreacting. How about just realizing that sometimes, things happen? Or how about trying to figure out WHY they happen and then do something about THAT? Is it because things would actually change? And we can't have that now, can we? Apparently not.

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