Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Is Why He Did It

I think people can finally stop trying to "figure out" what made Jared Lee Loughner shoot all of those people down in Arizona the other day. People can stop wondering if it was the right or the left or the Tea Party or (in the most ridiculous of all wonderings) Sarah freaking Palin. People can stop wondering if it was talk radio or cable news or the Internet. Yes, people can stop wondering all of those things. You know why? Because today his mug shot was released. Ready? Behold!

There you go. That is the face of a crazy person. That is a person with a severe mental illness (most likely schizophrenia). You want to know why he did what he did? It's because he's crazy. You know why that might not make sense to you? Because it's crazy, that is correct. There isn't some deep seeded explanation behind all of this. I think it was Dick Armey who said in regards to this particular instance, something to the effect of "We have to make sure that we call in the right department on this one. We don't need the political science department or the sociology department. We need the psychology department." He's exactly right. (And if he didn't say it, whoever did is exactly right.) That is the face of a crazy man. And there's never anything that anyone can do to protect themselves from the unpredictable actions of the crazy. It's sad, but it's true.

There are some things that just won't ever make sense. This is likely one of them unless you can accept the fact (and a lot of people can't) that the man is crazy and not look for anything other than that. I don't know why so many people are unsatisfied with someone being crazy as a rationale for their actions. It makes perfect sense to me. It also makes things a lot easier. I hate looking for answers that aren't there. It's pointless, because why? Because they aren't there, that is correct.

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Juliana said...

It has been very upsetting to me the past couple of days, the vicious attacks on Republicans and Radio hosts. Anyone using a tragedy of this magnitude for political advancement is dispicable. What has also been very upsetting is that these people own the media and have a venue to screech out their lies and no one on the other side is represented. They have cart blanche to say anything they want without being challanged. The only time you will hear the truth is on Fox or the Internet or talk radio. I listen to Glenn Beck regularly and I guarantee that he is not a 'hate monger', that's absurd. The hate that is spewed from the left on a regular basis is shocking. Look at the hate that is directed at Palin! For what? and her children! It's bizarre how much people hate. Anyway, thank-you for not contributing to the irrational anger and blame and for trying to put the blame squarely where it belongs. Not on the left, not on the right, he is just crazy. And thank-you for letting me get all that out of my body. :)