Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now We're Talking

I don't know that I can just keep yammering on about the Jared Lee Loughner being a nutjob situation much longer. Granted, things are starting to simmer down a bit, but people are still giving way too much credit to a bunch of things that don't deserve ANY credit. Thus, I thought that today I would go with this caricature/cartoon which I found on Facebook at something called Chris Spangle's Blog. It's about the most accurate piece of "reporting" that I've run across so far on this topic. Behold! (And thank you.)

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Scott Jacobs said...

Ok, seriously...

Why the fuck does your blog jump to the middle of the page whenever it loads?

Juliana said...

Love it!

sophanne said...

I'd like to read some mocking words regarding the ass hats who somehow thought that a memorial service was the same thing as a pep rally.

Scott Jacobs said...

No. Shit.

I want to throat-punch ever mother fucker who thought "WOOOO!" was appropriate, that thought it was the proper venue to yell "We love you!" to Obama when he got on the podium, and who boo'd Gov Brewer.

And then I will slap every asshat who broke into applause.

Don't ask what I want to do to the university president who thought he should be firing everyone up. I kept waiting for "Now lets give it up for [insert name]!!"

And I kept expecting a commercial break, or a voice over of some kind...

"This memorial service brought to you by, Doritos!

Doritos - when you need to fill that gaping, empty hole where your loved one used to be, thing: Doritos!"

Had the President any true sense of decency, he would have - the MOMENT he was behind the podium - shouted: "Shut up! How dare you people treat this like a pep rally. This is a MEMORIAL, and I expect you to ACT like it!”

Mark said...

A. What's up with the blog jumping down to the middle page when it loads?

B. What's up with new entries not being posted at like 12:01 so they are there for me to read in the morning?

I may have to speak to the manager. Oh, wait, I already am, right?

Mare said...

OK, seriously...

I don't know why it jumps to the middle of the page when it loads. The only time it does that to me is when I copy and paste the URL into the address bar. So, I'm guessing operator error on that one? =)

Jules: Thanks!

Sophanne and Scott:

Done and done!

And Mark,

A: See the above response to the page load debacle.

B: My schedule has been changing up for the crazier lately and sometimes I just don't have it in me to do a post in the evening so that it is all fresh and ready to be posted at midnight. I'm still managing to get one up every day, though! Man, tough crowd! =)

And technically, I think I'd be middle management. I'm not sure that I'm capable of being some sort of full-blown manager for this popsicle stand!

Thanks for reading!

~ Mare

Scott Jacobs said...

"So, I'm guessing operator error on that one?"

Nope. I open you in a new tab out of my bookmarks.