Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Separated at Birth From Meg Whitman

Since I don't plan on voting for either Meg Whitman or Jerry Brown for governor of California, I'm just going to take this opportunity to point out the various different people that they each resemble. OK, fine. Jerry only resembles one that I can think of and this entire post is just an outlet for how frustrated I am with how Meg Whitman has ran her campaign. Hopelessness tends to make one trivial.

The only person that I could find that looked like Jerry Brown was that guy from the Geico commercials. (As a side note, I'd like to point out that Geico has way too many mascots. The cavemen. That cute little lizard. The money with the eyeballs on it. The deep talking guy. I can't keep up. Everyone loves the gecko. Why not just have him carry the ball? He's not real, you know. It's not like it would be animal cruelty or anything.) Behold!

I had absolutely no trouble what so ever in finding folks that Meg Whitman looked like. Mind you, I just said "folks". I did not say "attractive folks". I also didn't alude to anything that would indicate that these comparisons will be anything flattering. Good Lord, no. Far from it, in fact. Up first, Meg Whitman and Vigo the Carpathian of Ghostbusters 2 fame. Behold!

Don't cross the streams, Meg. I just realized that the majority of my comparisons are with people who pretty much had their heydays back in the days of yore. The most modern one that I could come up with might be surprising at first. But I'm telling, you put a blonde wig on Ricky Gervais and they would be more identical than those Olsen twins.

See? Now let's go back to the days of vintage television to see several other folks with whom she could have been separated at birth from. Take the Skipper from Gilligan's Island, for example. He's almost a dead ringer for the woman. Or she is for him. I'm never sure how you're supposed to word comparisons like that. Whatever. Behold, anyway!

Next up, from The Andy Griffith Show, please note the incredible resemblance to a one Aunt Bea. It's eerie is what it is.

My personal favorite in the vintage TV category would have to be the one below. She really does look like Fred Mertz! She could have been married to Ethel. Although, in the days when I Love Lucy was on, she would have had some 'splaining to do if that had been the case. Would the Ricardo's have been cool with a couple of lesbians living next door? Oh, sure, if it had been a couple of gay guys, they would have got along just swimmingly with ol' Ricky (who probably dabbled in the gay on the side). Two lesbians wouldn't have had much in common with them, though.

Now, I realize that with the exception of an ancient and prudish actress from the 1960s, the only folks that I have compared Meg Whitman to are men. Does that mean that I think that she should pay a little more attention to her image? Not necessarily. I mean, after all, her image was good enough to sport on the front of the hundred dollar bill, right?

Oh. Wait. That's...that's...yeah, that's not her. Hmm. Awkward.

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